Kate Rolston

Kate is an accomplished and dynamic executive with a proven track record in sales and marketing. Her experience as a successful entrepreneur and her extensive work in the digital media industry makes her a valuable asset to any organization. Her creative approach and innovative thinking have earned her numerous awards for her work on various projects, including her PBS TV show Real Savvy Moms, 40 Weeks-The Movie, and The Dr. Gerry Show.

Before moving to the United States, Kate had a successful career as a dancer, actress, and choreographer in the UK and EU. Her background in the performing arts has undoubtedly contributed to her creative abilities and helped her to develop a unique perspective on business.

In addition to her work, Kate is also an accomplished yoga practitioner and enjoys leading small groups. She is also an avid cook and enjoys preparing gourmet meals in her free time. Kate also loves hiking with her dogs and practicing sound healing with Solfeggio frequencies and meditation.