Brittany Klements

As the Vice President, Brittany has a strong appreciation for all things concerning Exceptional Stays. She plays significant roles in operations, human resources, owner relations, and marketing to name a few.  


Since joining the team in 2020, Brittany’s careful orientation to detail combined with her contagious enthusiasm has been vital to the company’s success, bringing on over 25 new properties. 


Having worked in several different fields, ranging from education to project management and consulting, Brittany brings a diversified skill set and a robust background to an ever-shifting industry. 


A Colorado native with a passion for traveling, Brittany loves the Telluride scene. The small-town vibes, along with the mighty mountain views, give her a calm sense of joy. 


When Brittany is not working, she is devoted to her family. She has been married for eight years, has two boys and a yellow lab. During the warmer months, the family loves going on camping trips and traveling all over the state.