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Switzerland's friendly village of Scuol is quietly becoming one of the world's most popular vacation destinations thanks to its incredible outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty. Whether you want to ski in the winter, hike in the summer or catch an amazing festival, you can always be sure of finding something wonderful to do during a visit to Scuol. However, it's very important that you're aware of the weather conditions during each month of the year so that you may plan your visit to coincide with the activities that you'd like to enjoy.


Weather Conditions Throughout the Year

Thanks to its perfect placement in a gorgeous valley that is beautifully surrounded by the Swiss Alps, Scuol offers a moderate climate that is just right for those who want to escape the heat and humidity that reigns supreme in many parts of the world. An incredible getaway awaits, and here's a bit more about the weather to assist you with your vacation plans.

Winter Weather

The official months of winter are December, January and February, but the coldest part of the year occurs between late November and early March. It's rare that the daily high temperature gets above 41 degrees during these months. Of course, these low temperatures are excellent for the skiing season that normally runs between December and April, and you won't feel cold once you hit those incredible slopes. The coldest month by far is January with lows of around 18 degrees and highs of no more than 34 degrees.

Summer Weather

If you're looking for warm weather to enjoy the many hiking trails and other warm-weather pursuits, then you'll want to visit between early June and early September. It's extremely pleasant during that time frame with highs around 62 degrees. The highest that the temperature ever reaches in Scuol is around 69 degrees in the month of July with lows of around 51 degrees.

About Rain

Scuol sees a little over 27 inches of rain each year, and the most rain falls during the months of June, July and August. Both July and August usher in the most days of rain with some precipitation during 11 days of each month, but August is the wettest with 3.8 inches of rain over July's 3.4 inches. March sees the least rainfall of the year with only 1.4 inches of precipitation.

About Snow

Scuol experiences snowfall for a full 6.5 months between the middle of October and the first week in May, and that's amazing news for those who come to enjoy the excellent opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

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