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Clemgia GorgeNature enthusiasts from all around the globe flock to Switzerland's incredible village of Scuol for its incredible outdoor winter and summer activities, and the fun is only made better by the clean mountain air and the stunning surroundings. The many hiking trails near the village provide a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, and you'll discover excellent hiking areas whether you require an easy trail or are looking for one that offers a real challenge. There's no wrong time to visit Scuol for some great hiking because even though some of the trails are only accessible during the summer months, there are many great trails that are open all year long. The popular Clemgia Gorge offers one of the area's most popular hiking trails, and its beauty is simply not to be missed during your stay in Scuol.

Exploring the Clemgia Gorge

The trail may be narrow, but the sights are amazing, and the path will take you through incredible forests and alpine meadows, along the river and over craggy rocks of all sizes. From Scuol, your journey will begin behind the high Inn River bridge before you head up to the eighth bridge that is situated at some 4500 feet above sea level. From this point, you'll want to take the path on the right, cross the next bridge and the trail will open up to a breathtaking view of the Val Lavetscha area in the Swiss National Park.

Some people stop there and return to their starting point, and that's a good idea for anyone who is traveling with young children or simply isn't interested in a long hike. However, you may also choose to continue to follow the trail all the way to S-charl, a lovely nearby village. Another path takes you through a shady forest that leads to Lai Nair, a picturesque lake centered in a wonderful forest that is filled with pines. Ultimately, this trail takes you down into Tarasp. Expect to enjoy a great many geological formations as well as a wealth of plant and animal life during your hike.

Required Closings

For reasons of safety, the main trail through the Clemgia Gorge is closed whenever the area experiences a severe rainstorm. This is due to the potential for rock slides in this type of weather. Those lodging with us here at Exceptional Stays may count on our dedicated concierge team to provide you with a list of accessible hiking trails whenever you choose to visit and assist you in enjoying every other wonderful thing that Scuol has to offer.