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Switzerland’s incredible village of Scuol is a perfect luxury vacation destination. When visiting, you will find that it is a hub of activity with visitors from all around the globe during every beautiful month of the year. They come for the amazing skiing at the immensely popular Motta Naluns Ski Area between December and April and some of the world’s most scenic hiking trails during the warmer weather. Of course, there are also world-class spa experiences, epic thermal baths, exciting river rafting, exceptional dining opportunities and many fabulous activities, attractions and events available for those of all ages. One of the best activities is a day spent at the Seilpark Engadin, and it promises a fun time and a terrific workout in the great outdoors for both adults and children.

About Seilpark Engadin

Beautifully situated next to the impressive Inn River among the many gorgeous trees found in the lower Engadin Valley, this popular rope adventure park is open for business daily between May and September. Upon arrival, each participant will be equipped with everything necessary to enjoy a fun and safe experience. This includes leather gloves to protect your hands from any incidence of rope burn as well as a safety helmet and a full climbing harness, and each item is specifically sized correctly for children and adults. A qualified trainer also gives each group a safety briefing and a time of practice on the special training course so that everyone may feel comfortable and understand how the park works before the real fun begins.

About the Rope Courses

Ropes CourseSeilpark Engadin offers eight amazing rope courses, and you’re sure to find something fun for most every family member. You are more than welcome to enjoy more than one course during your visit, and here’s a bit more about each of the options.

  • Tramblai: Even the youngest family members may enjoy Seilpark Engadin with this small rope course that sits only 3 feet above the ground. It’s just right for children ages 8 and under, and they’ll have a great time on gently moving bridges and an easy flying fox cable at the end.
  • Sur En: Also designed for children ages 8 and under, this rope course is a little over 6 feet above the ground and offers more moving bridges and two fun flying fox cables at the end.
  • Uina: This rope course is a bit more complex, and it’s meant for those ages 8 and up. It’s about 9 feet off of the ground, and you’ll have to navigate several tricky bridges.
  • Quar: If you’re ready for a bit more of a challenge, then you’re sure to enjoy this rope course that offers a full 12 elements that include a snowboard ride, climbing features, bridges and flying foxes. This is a great course for adults, but children ages 8 and up may also participate.
  • Sursass: Considered quite technically challenging, this course is open only to those ages 10 and up. It’s about 26 feet up in the air and includes several amazing elements such as an extra long flying fox and the popular Tarzan swing.
  • Rims: Don’t attempt this course unless you’re in good physical condition because you’ll need as much strength and coordination as possible. It’s situated at about 32 feet high, is extremely physically challenging and requires participants to be at least 12 years of age.
  • Lischana: At 45 feet in the air, this course is not for the nervous. You’ll get in some amazing flying time on the six flying fox runs, and you must be at least the age of 10 to tackle this course.
  • Sesvenna: You must be at least the age of 12 to attempt this difficult course, which begins at 39 feet in the air and allows you an intense freefall experience with a jump from a platform that sits at 52 feet in the air. Other elements include some very tricky bridges and even a bike ride through the trees.

Frisbee GolfFrisbee Golf

Another fun activity at Seilpark Engadin, this game may be enjoyed by anyone ages 5 and up. It’s a lot like mini golf but with a Frisbee instead of a ball, and you’ll discover a 9-hole course filled with fun and challenges.


Fun for both children and adults, this activity combines a trampoline with a bungee cord for a bouncing good time. You’ll be safely buckled in, and it’s possible to bounce down to the ground and high into the air and even do somersaults in midair.

Night of the Rope Parks

Each June, Seilpark Engadin and rope parks all across Switzerland offer a special night challenge that runs from 6 p.m. to midnight. Those in attendance must navigate the most difficult rope courses with nothing but the moonlight above and their headlamp to guide them, and it’s a great activity for couples who are looking for something a little different in a romantic outing.