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Fun and excitement for the entire family awaits those who visit Switzerland's lovely village of Scuol, and winter is the best time to arrive if you're dreaming of an absolutely amazing ski vacation. The popular Motta Naluns ski area is open between December and April each year for winter sporting activities, and a wonderful day in the snow is available for those of every age group and skill level. Read on to learn more about Motta Naluns, and you'll soon discover your new favorite ski spot beautifully tucked away in the majestic mountains just above Scuol.

About the Motta Naluns Ski Area

Scuol welcomed the development of the Motta Naluns ski area in the 1950s, and it has been steadily growing in popularity since that time. Today, it's filled with some 50 miles of slopes and several special areas and activities that are devoted to enhancing your day of fun in the snow. It's also super easy for those staying in Scuol to access everything that Motta Naluns has to offer because there are two gondolas that take you straight from the station in Scuol up to the main ski area. These are just a few of the activities available at the Motta Naluns ski area.

Incredible Slopes for Everyone

Mother Teaching Child to SkiMotta Naluns has the perfect slopes for everyone from the tiniest tot in the family to the world's most advanced skier. Once you arrive at the ski area, you'll have access to 11 lifts that take you to the ski run of your choice, and these include some 16 miles of easy runs that are perfect for children and other beginners, around 20 miles of runs that offer a level of medium difficulty for those who have conquered the beginner runs and a little more than seven miles of runs that are considered difficult. The runs that are labeled as difficult should only be attempted by highly skilled skiers. There's also an incredible six-mile run that will take you down the mountain and straight into the former village of Sent, which is now a part of Scuol.

About Snow

The Motta Naluns ski area is located high in the mountains between 4,000 and 9,000 feet, so there's good snowfall throughout the ski season. However, a professional snow-making system is also used to ensure that each ski run is operational regardless of the levels of natural snowfall. Snow lances are used in all of the main areas and on several individual slopes, and low-pressure snow cannons are also utilized at various important spots throughout the ski area.

The Snowpark

This section of Motta Naluns is for the dedicated freestyle and snowboarding enthusiasts in your group, and it offers three separate areas to address every skill level. You'll find some 45 obstacles that are designed to test and enhance your skills across nearly 2,000 feet of snow-covered space, and a good time is guaranteed for everyone from beginners to professionals.

For Children

Though you'll find plenty of slopes that you can safely enjoy with your children at Motta Naluns, you may also choose to allow the little ones to spend some time in the capable hands of the caregivers at the ski school while you tackle some of the more difficult slopes. The children will be entertained while learning some basic ski moves and enjoy a nice lunch as a group. There's also a large park on the property that is designated for children only, and they'll have a blast playing in the tunnels and on the fun slopes and magic carpets.

Professional Skiing Lessons

Even if you've never put your feet in a pair of skis before, a few lessons at the onsite ski school will have you skiing before your vacation is over. Lessons are available for those of any age, and private lessons are offered as well as regular group lessons.

More Snowy Fun

There are so many great ways to enjoy the winter months, and all of them are offered at Motta Naluns. Pick your favorite, or feel free to spend your time in Scuol discovering something brand new and wonderful.

  • Toboggan Run
  • Airboard Slopes
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Winter Hiking

Dining Options

You're sure to work up an appetite during your time at Motta Naluns, so it's good to note that there are two excellent onsite restaurants. Alpetta is found right in the middle of the main ski area, and it offers exceptional views, a full bar and excellent menu items in a friendly atmosphere. La Motta is the more child-friendly dining option, and it's located right at the Scuol gondola station. You'll find a cozy, informal atmosphere that welcomes the excited chatter of the little ones, and you'll be treated to such popular fare as mountain breakfasts, family plates and homemade pizza.