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One of the very best things about Spain's gorgeous island of Menorca is its beautiful placement in the exquisite Mediterranean Sea. Your weekend getaway or family vacation just wouldn't be complete without exploring the clear waters for yourself, and there are several safe ways that the entire family can discover the wonderful secrets of the sea. These are just a few of the trusted companies that offer scuba diving and snorkeling tours all around the island of Menorca.

1. Blue Islands Diving

Come meet Steve C. and Steve M., master divers and trainers, for the best day of discovering all of the beauty and secrets of the Mediterranean Sea. You'll enjoy friendly, professional service, and there are many excellent programs to choose from.Young Man Snorkeling Selfie

Family Fun Activities

  • Beach Explorer: A snorkeling adventure that is suitable for both children and adults, this package starts with a fun boat ride up the coast. Stops are made at Menorca's pretties beaches and bays, and you'll be provided with snorkeling gear in the proper sizes for every member of your family.
  • Snorkel Safari: Perfect for first-time snorkelers and families who are traveling with children, this tour combines a boat trip with a wonderful snorkeling experience that goes on for a full three hours. You'll enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters that are found around Menorca, and you'll be provided with snorkeling equipment and wet suits. Youngsters and those who are new to snorkeling may benefit from the new full-face integrated mask snorkel system that is also available.
  • Discover Scuba: This special diving program is available for those with no experience at all, and you'll learn in a safe and fun environment. The dives are held in the clear waters of either Cala Galdana or Santo Tomas Beach, and these are excellent spots to view an abundance of sea life.

Scuba Diving

This company also offers scuba diving trips to several different dive sites that may be chosen based on your particular skill level. These include some 23 locations around Cala Galdana where the water is crystal clear, and you may choose either a shallow dive or a deep dive that allows you to explore caves and shipwrecks. You may also schedule classes to graduate to a more experienced level of diving. These are just a few of the most popular dive sites that are available.

  • Cave of Light
  • Macarella
  • Cala Morell
  • Cala Viola
  • Cala Forcat
  • Barge Platform
  • Swiss Cheese (cave dive)
  • Malakoff (shipwreck)
  • Punta Na Gall

2. Navega Menorca

For those who are interested in a private experience for your family or group, this company offers several fun tours. You may choose to take a fun boat trip along Menorca's north or south shore, and you'll stop at several spots to enjoy both stand-up paddle boarding and snorkeling. Up to eight individuals may be comfortably accommodated on the boat, and you'll be out on the water for 3.5 hours. Beverages and snacks are included.

3. Diving Menorca

This company offers all things diving, and you may choose from a simple dive for any skill level, a deep dive, a night dive, cave diving or the special challenge of diving in currents. There are more than 20 dive sites to choose from, and these are a few of the most popular.

  • The Four Caves: Don't let the name fool you because you'll actually explore five caves during this dive. These are located just outside of the Marine Reserve, and you'll be equipped with a powerful underwater spotlight so that you'll be able to see all of the creatures that reside in the caves.
  • La Llosa: Expect to see the largest presence of marine life during this dive because it's located right inside the Marine Reserve. Few diving companies are allowed to bring clients to this wonderful protected area, and it's definitely an experience that you won't want to miss.
  • Illa De Bledas: If you're looking to swim among large schools of fish, then this is the dive for you. Expect to encounter vast numbers of bream, grouper, gilthead and dentex.
  • Punta Lajial: This dive takes you through both a posidonia meadow and a rocky area so that different forms of sea life are plentiful. You'll discover octopus, moray eels, grouper, dentex, castanet and bream.
  • Solla: Due to the fact that this dive takes you to a depth of over 130 feet, it's suitable only for experienced divers. Once you've reached this depth, you'll see the largest groupers in the entire sea.
  • Snorkeling in the Reserve: Families who are traveling with children age 8 or older may prefer to enjoy a snorkeling adventure in this vastly populated protected area. You'll be provided with appropriate vests for the children and equipment in sizes that correctly fits each member of the family.