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While Menorca certainly has the reputation of being Spain's most chilled-out and relaxed island, that certainly doesn't mean that the many thrill seekers who visit are going to sit around being bored. In fact, there are several activities available on the island that are aimed directly at all of the adrenaline-loving island hoppers. Just two of the most popular excitement-inducing activities include leaping off tall cliffs into the lovely sea below and turning scuba diving into an even more amazing adventure with the exploration of Menorca's many underwater caves.

About Cliff Jumping

Girl Cliff Jumping into Blue WaterWhile it's usually an insult when you tell someone to go jump off a cliff, that same phrase gets the adrenaline pumping in many people who can't wait to find their next thrilling adventure. Cliff jumping, which is also known as tombstoning, is right up there with sky diving when it comes to getting your heart racing. It got the unfortunate name of tombstoning from the many people who came to a bad end when they decided to just go jump off any old cliff without the benefit of knowing how they might land. The good news is that you can enjoy cliff jumping during your stay in Menorca without any fear if you make it a priority to stick with the many sites that have been determined to be safe for cliff jumping. These are just two of the most popular areas that allow jumps.

  • Cala en Brut: Located just north of Ciutadella on Menorca's northwestern coast, this beautiful cove boasts a stunning blue lagoon with crystal-clear, deep waters. There is no sand, and the area is surrounded by rocky cliffs. Those who want to swim or float may use the convenient ladders to climb in and out of the water, but this is also an extremely popular area for cliff jumping. Since the cliffs are staggered at various heights, it's perfect for children as well as adults to enjoy a jump. The water is around 16 feet deep, and you may choose to leap from a polished rock platform that offers a short or a medium jump into the water. Those who want a bigger challenge may want to take a jump off of La Cueva, which stands at a height of 32 feet above the water. Stay safe by walking cautiously on slippery rocks and checking for the presence of jellyfish before you jump.
  • Cala Mitjana: Located in the southern portion of Menorca near Cala Galdana, this area offers a fabulous cove with lovely waters that are deep and crystal clear. It's an easy walk just off of the main beach, and this area is perfect for cliff jumping enthusiasts. The main jumping platform is some 30 to 32 feet above the water, so this area is not suggested for children. It's perfect for teenagers and adults who are excellent swimmers.

About Sea Cave Exploration

You can take scuba diving to an entire new level when you choose to explore any of Menorca's amazing underwater caves. There are at least a dozen large sea caves that are found off both the north and the south sides of the island, and you can easily plan to see the caves on both sides because the island is small and easy to navigate. Just a few of the best underwater caves include the Fossil Cave, the Switchback, the Moon Pool and the Cathedral.

While you may be able to find these caves on your own, it can really be quite dangerous to enter them without backup due to the possibility of becoming disoriented. However, you may enjoy all of these caves in complete safety with the assistance of one of these trusted tour companies that offer professional guides to ensure that you enjoy a fun experience without worry.

  • Bluewater Scuba: This company actually has a specialized tour that will take you on a dive to all of the most popular caves listed above. You may also expect to swim through some cool underwater tunnels and have the opportunity to thoroughly explore a few ancient shipwrecks.
  • Son Bou Scuba: Superbly run by a group of master divers, this company is happy to arrange a private tour of any of the diving sites that are located around Menorca. Those who choose to make a dive with this company may expect to be included in a visit to dive sites that aren't known by many, and you'll learn all about each cave before heading in.
  • Scuba Plus: This company offers several excellent cave dives, and one of the most popular is the Pont de'n Gil Cave. It's over 650 feet long and filled with huge stalagmites and stalactites as well as an abundance of hermit crabs, prawns and other cave-dwelling creatures.