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Spain’s stunning island of Menorca may be a little quieter than its sister islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, but it’s definitely a fabulous vacation destination that is friendly to families traveling with children of all ages. Everyone can enjoy time spent on its immaculate beaches, and there are countless water and land activities, special events and fun attractions that are designed to provide a day of family fun. One of the very best options for any lover of rescued animals and especially those with children is Lloc de Menorca, and you should read on to learn more about this interesting and fun zoological park.

About Lloc de Menorca

Conveniently located near Menorca’s capital city of Mahon, Lloc de Menorca is the island’s only zoological park. Even those who hate to see animals locked away in a zoo may be comfortable here because each and every resident is an animal that was rescued from horrifying circumstances, and these include animals found on the island and those from rescues around the globe. The entire concept of this animal park revolves around educating the public about the plight of these animals and improving the quality of their lives by way of special programs, overall environmental conservation and the top notch care of every species in residence. It opens daily at 10 a.m. between May and October, opens every day other than Monday from March 24 through May 1 and is closed to the public between Nov. 1 and March 23.

Come Visit the Animals

KangarooThe entire family may expect to enjoy a relaxing stroll around this beautiful park that is surrounded by native plants, trees and flowers, and you’ll be able to experience a close-up view of the animals without disturbing them in their habitats. Visitors may expect to see a variety of sea creatures in the aquarium area, the biggest, most beautiful fish in the koi reserve and pythons and other snakes in the reptile house. Individual animals onsite include kangaroos with joeys, guanacos, ostriches, deer, birds of prey, a prairie dog colony, ostriches and porcupines, and these are just a few of the most popular areas of the park.

  • The Lemur Forest: Living as a family unit in a perfect replica of their native habitat, these lemurs are happy and active. Watch them swing through the trees making their unique calls, and they’re likely to come right up to take a good look.
  • The Petting Zoo: A favorite of the youngsters, the petting zoo allows you to come right into the enclosure and feed and pet a variety of farm animals. These include cows, goats, sheep, pigs and more.
  • Small Primates: Get ready for an overdose of cuteness when you meet the mated pair of cotton-top tamarins who are known as Matten and Xena. You’ll also see the adorable titi mothers, a small forest monkey, with their precious young clinging to them as they race through the trees.
  • The Dome of Macaque: These monkeys enjoy the highest point in the entire zoo, and the gigantic dome that they call home is truly something to see. At least a dozen macaques are in residence, and they’re extremely energetic.

Educational Programs

Throughout the year, there are several exciting programs offered to educate the public about each of the animals housed at the park. The birds of prey program is one of the most popular, and a professional falconer shows off his bird with a flight display, a hunting demonstration and a question-and-answer time so that the audience can learn all about this magnificent bird.

Special Children’s Park

The animals are represented in the special onsite park for children as well, and the younger visitors are sure to be thrilled by the life-size reproductions of such animals as the crocodile, seal, horse, kangaroo and hippopotamus. It’s also a great place for the children to run off some steam with a play castle complete with slide, swings, a suspension bridge, a climbing wall and a safe, fun zipline.

Enjoy Lunch

You don’t have to leave the park for a snack or the midday meal because there’s a snack bar available that serves all kinds of drinks and such foods as sandwiches, pizzas, paella and some local dishes. There are plenty of wooden tables set up in a shaded area where you may enjoy your meal and relax a bit.

Summer School and Parties

Lloc de Menorca offers animal-related summer school sessions for children, and you’re welcome to bring your youngsters for these fun educational classes during your stay on the island. It also boasts an excellent venue for birthday parties. The dedicated concierge team here at Exceptional Stays is available to make arrangements for summer school or your child’s birthday party at Lloc de Menorca. Just let us know what you’re interested in when you make your reservations for your luxury vacation rental in Menorca.