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Part of any well-rounded vacation involves some personal time for yourself that allows you to become rested and renewed, and you’ll have no difficulty with that when you stay on the Spanish island of Menorca. The island boasts some excellent spas where you’ll discover a number of fabulous massages, classes for yoga, Pilates and meditation, many special treatments and some unique therapies that you may have never even heard of. Those staying at one of our Menorca luxury vacation villa rentals may choose to have a massage therapist come right to your home, but you may also want to check out these incredible spas during your time on the island.

Quiromasajista Marga Orfila

Conveniently located in the capital city of Mahon, this spa offers a wonderful selection of quality massages. Professional massage therapist, Marga Orfila, provides each treatment herself, so advance appointments are a necessity. In addition to an excellent selection of common massage therapies, these are just a few of her most popular specialty options.

  • Massage With Pindas: The use of pindas, cotton cloth bags filled with both medicinal and aromatic herbs that have been thoroughly steamed, is a traditional form of Thai medicine that has its roots in early Indian Ayurvedic medicine. This massage is often used for such issues as arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress, back pain, muscle aches, anxiety and chronic fatigue, and it’s meant to leave you feeling free of pain, content and deeply relaxed.
  • Tonic Facial Massage: Rosehip oil is the answer when you’re dealing with lines, wrinkles or blemishes, and this face massage also works to brighten your skin and reduce any signs of early aging and fatigue. The oil combined with the physical massage also helps to increase circulation and improve the muscle tone of your face to discourage sagging skin.
  • Suction-Cup Massage: A traditional form of Chinese medicine, this massage uses suction cups against the skin to stimulate circulation, relax the muscles and eliminate any pain. The suction cups work just as a deep-tissue massage would without the need for any discomfort. It’s also used to address cellulite issues.
  • Anti-Cellulite Massage: With concentration on the legs and buttocks, this massage works to activate circulation, prevent fluid retention and fight cellulite for a firmer, thinner appearance of these areas. This massage is often combined with the abdominal massage, which strengthens the abdominal muscles for a toned appearance and improves the digestive system.



This Ciutadella spa and studio boasts a professional Japanese massage therapist along with regular yoga, meditation and Pilates classes. It also offers a wonderful variety of specialized services and classes, and you’re sure to discover something that you’ve never experienced before. Drop-in classes are held regularly throughout the day, and you may also reserve a private class, massage or treatment in advance. As an added bonus, you’ll discover Menorca’s very first 100% vegetarian restaurant right next door.

  • Raindrop Therapy: Therapeutic-grade essential oils are the star of this massage, and these oils are placed on key areas of your body and gently massaged in with a reflexology-like method. This, combined with inhaling the oils, works to bring your body and mind into perfect balance.
  • Thai MassageTian Yan Gong: A Chinese energy therapy, this technique works to balance the energy of your body through a combination of respiratory and physical exercises. The teaching of this technique is found very rarely in Spain, so you’ll want to experience it here while you have the opportunity. Practice groups are open each Saturday at 10 a.m., and you’ll be able to reserve a private class once you discover how wonderful this therapy makes you feel.
  • Floral Therapy: Based on the Bach flower remedies, this therapy offers solutions of water filled with diluted flower materials. This is a way to directly receive all of the natural healing properties of several different plants and has been used since the 1930s to address many mind and body ailments.
  • Homeopathy: Learn how the use of natural plants and minerals, homeopathic medicines and an evolved diet can provide you with a complete well-being that you never knew existed. Your instructor will help you realize your full potential as you discover the link between your emotional state, spiritual path and physical health and how to perfectly balance all aspects of yourself.

Baan Thai La Cala

Traditional Thai massage at its very best is offered at this Cala Blanca spa, and you may enjoy a half-day retreat by adding the coco body wrap and the special foot massage. The therapists here are friendly and professional, and you’ll be pampered in beautiful surroundings and offered herbal fresh-fruit teas as you receive each treatment. Just ask for your favorite music to be played in the background, and couples may reserve the special massage for two in a room that is designed for romance and relaxation.