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Those planning a weekend getaway or a family vacation to Spain's stunning island of Mallorca are probably counting down the days until they can relax on those beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, but you should know that there's much more fun to be had on this little slice of paradise. If you happen to be among the many visitors who enjoy outdoor, adrenaline-boosting activities, then you'll be thrilled to know that this incredible island offers world-class rock climbing that draws climbing hobbyists and fanatics from all around the globe. Whether you've never climbed before or just can't wait to do it again, you'll find an amazing rock climbing adventure through any of these trusted Mallorca tour companies.

Rock and Ride

Climbing GearThis company offers a wide range of rock climbing activities, so you can be assured of finding exactly what you're looking for. Owners and guides, Sam and Justin, offer a combined 40 years of experience in rock climbing, and these are a few of the company's most popular options.

  • Climbing With Kids: This is a great program for families who are traveling with younger children because many of the tour companies won't allow any children under 12 to participate in any climbing activity. Safe rope climbing is always used when children are involved, and a proper climb is selected that ensures your children will have the satisfaction of successfully completing their climb. This tour is also set up to allow adequate time for snacks, photos and fun with mom and dad.
  • Sa Gubia Guided Climb: Seven exciting pitch routes await climbers at this prize location, and no more than two climbers are assigned to any one guide for reasons of safety and personal attention. Those planning to enjoy a multi-pitch full-day climb should be comfortable with their fitness level and ready for an adventure.
  • Deep-Water Soloing: This company offers a few introductory sessions for people who have never tried this adrenaline-producing rock climb, and you'll be taken to some perfect spots that aren't found in the guidebooks. You'll climb up a cliff right from sea level without the benefit of ropes or any other safety equipment, and it's not needed because you'll fall directly into the sea below if you get tired or slip. It's necessary to be a strong swimmer for this type of rock climbing.

Rock and Water

Dedicated to exciting outdoor adventures, this company offers several incredible ways to enjoy rock climbing on the island. You'll discover excellent routes that have been located and are exclusively used by this company, and your professional guide will teach you the best safety measures and some incredible techniques that will have you climbing higher than you've ever gone before. Check out these great options.

  • Sport Climbing: If you love to rock climb, then you're really going to be happy with the sport climbing course that this company has ready for you. Your skills will improve as you attempt each new challenge, and your guide will be right there to ensure a successful climb.
  • Multi-Pitch Climbing: This activity may be modified to fit any climber's ability. Beginners may concentrate on one easy climbing area, and intermediate and advanced climbers may choose to tackle each pitch for a full day of exciting challenges.

Experience Mallorca

Overhanging Climbing on MallorcaThis trusted company is the go-to provider for just about any type of thrilling tour that you may be interested in, and that includes some excellent rock climbing. This exciting activity is available all year long during any time that it's not raining to both beginners and experienced climbers, and participants must be at least 12 years of age to join in on these incredible climbing adventures that are available on various sections of the island.

  • South Mallorca: There are many excellent climbing spots located near Valldemossa and Palma, and your experienced guide may take you to either Sa Gubia or Fraguel in this area of the island. Sa Gubia offers several routes with the potential for multi-pitch climbs, and Fraguel boasts the most high-graded climbing routes on the entire island.
  • Northwest Mallorca: The highest mountains are found in this region of the island, and there are excellent rock climbing opportunities for everyone from beginners to advanced climbers. La Victoria and Sa Font offer routes that are perfect for introducing this sport to first-time climbers and families who are traveling with children, and you'll discover more difficult routes for the intermediate climbers in your group as well. Gorg Blau is also located in this area for the most advanced climbers, and it offers 39 incredible routes.
  • East Mallorca: For advanced climbers only, this area offers the absolute best deep-water soloing on the island. If you're an experienced climber that hasn't yet learned this incredible method of rock climbing, then you'll definitely want to contact this company for the best experience ever.