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If you’re ready for an amazing island getaway, then you should set your sights on Spain’s incredible island of Mallorca. Up to 10 million people from every corner of the globe choose Mallorca as their vacation destination every year, and you’re sure to have a blast with this island’s wide selection of activities, special events and wonderful attractions. One of the most popular family activities is a day spent at Marineland Mallorca, and it’s just perfect for anyone who has a love for animals.

See a Show

Come see seven dolphins playing together in the large pool, and those of all ages can appreciate their high jumps and special tricks. You’ll also enjoy seals and sea lions in this area, and it’s especially entertaining to watch their antics at feeding time. A show featuring the parrots is available as well, and they’ll delight you with their flights and smart imitations of human speech. During the main dolphin shows, drinks and buckets of popcorn are available.

Visit the Zoo

Different sections of Marineland Mallorca offer much more than just marine life, and you’ll find it easy to locate your favorite animals. You’re welcome to spend as long as you like in each area, and these are a few of the incredible creatures that you may expect to enjoy during your visit.

In the Aquariums

  • Fresh Water: You’ll come face-to-face with the feared piranha during this visit, and you’ll understand how they can devour an entire cow in a very short time once you see their sharp teeth. There are also much less scary fish that include bright neons and sweet little guppies.
  • Sea Water: The black-tip shark is the star of the show, and you’ll enjoy a close-up look from the safety of the other side of the glass. Giant sea turtles and hundreds of tropical fish that include the clown fish and the scorpion fish are also in residence.
  • Mediterranean: Here are the ocean species that you’ll find surrounding the island of Mallorca, and you may expect to see all of the different types of sea bass, giant manta rays, the funny guitar fish that imitates a ray and stingrays just to name a few.

In the Aviary

  • Bird Sanctuary: Marineland Mallorca serves as a bird sanctuary with different species of birds that have been injured or orphaned brought in regularly for the best care possible, so you never know what you may see when you venture into the bird sanctuary area. It’s a beautiful spot with large native trees and a big pond to make the birds feel at home, and permanent residents include a wide selection of small local birds and the huge hyacinth macaw, the world’s largest flying parrot, which is beautifully colored, stands at well over 3 feet tall and may be expected to live as long as 50 years.
  • Flamingos: Just look for the beautiful spot of pink, and you’ll discover at least two different species of flamingo in residence at the aviary. Several of each species tend to congregate together at the edge of the pond.
  • Humboldt Penguins: One of the world’s most vulnerable species of penguin, the Humboldt penguin program at Marineland Mallorca seeks to successfully breed bonded pairs to help increase the chances of survival for this species. Show up at feeding time for some extra enjoyment as these penguins jump and run for their special meal of fish.

In the Tropical House

  • IguanaPoison Dart Frogs: Don’t worry! These beautifully covered frogs are definitely poisonous, but their terrariums are behind glass for your protection. They’re excellent at blending in with their surroundings, so come see if you can find them all.
  • Primates: No big apes here, but you’ll love the little common tamarin and three adorable cotton-top tamarins that reside in the primate house.
  • Snakes: Many slithering new friends may be found in this area, and you’ll see a variety of snakes that range from the harmless and colorful corn snake to the large python that could literally squeeze the life out of a man. You’ll also see the large iguanas in this area.

Have a Bite to Eat

You can easily spend an entire day at Marineland Mallorca, and you’re welcome to stop in for a drink, snack or lunch at the onsite restaurant that offers pizza, burgers and other American favorites. Feel free to enjoy your meal on the outdoor terrace with perfect views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Get Your Tickets

General one-day passes are available, or you may choose a pass that comes with a pizza and a drink. If you’re lodging in one of our Mallorca luxury vacation homes here at Exceptional Stays, then just let us know that you’re interested in visiting Marineland Mallorca when you make your reservations. We’ll have your tickets ready for you upon arrival.