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04/28/2018 - 7:00am

Cycling enthusiasts from all around the globe are gearing up for Spain's incredible Mallorca 312 event, which has been scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018. Considered one of the longest and toughest cycling events in all of Europe, the Mallorca 312 challenges participants to complete a full 193 miles at elevation gains as much as 16,500 feet on the island of Mallorca. However, this is an amateur cycling event, so anyone who feels up to the challenge may sign up to participate.

Available Routes

Cyclist in the Fornalutx LandscapeTraditionally, cyclists were given a route that took them in a full loop around the entire island, and that's still available for those who feel ready to tackle the entire 193 miles. Those choosing the full route may expect to finish up in just under 10 hours, and the challenge is cut off whether you've finished or not at the 14-hour mark. However, for those who want to participate but aren't quite up to the full challenge, two shorter routes are now available as well. It's not even necessary to choose a route when you sign up because you may hop on any route that you like on the day of the event. Read further to learn a bit more about each option.

Starting Out

Regardless of which route you choose, the first 12 miles of your adventure is the same for all three routes. You'll enjoy a good warm-up on a flat stretch of road that takes you into the town of Pollensa before heading up into the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains.

Mallorca 312

The full route features popular climbs at the Puig Major and the Coll de Femenia, and you should expect to ride about 93 miles through the mountains before heading back out onto the plains. You'll also tackle some nice hills before your ride is done.

Mallorca 225

A great choice for those at an intermediate cycling skill level, this route takes you along 139 miles and elevation gains as much as 13,000 feet. This route still offers some tough climbs, but they're definitely shorter and will help improve your endurance.

Mallorca 167

Even a moderately skilled cyclists may enjoy this route that takes you just over 100 miles with elevation gains of no more than 8,000 feet. This is a great starter route for those who want to work their way up to the higher levels, but you should still be prepared for some tough climbs.