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One of the best parts of any visit to Spain's popular island of Ibiza is discovering new ways to enjoy the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Water activities are numerous to be sure, and you could easily spend your entire stay pursuing exciting ocean adventures. The best news is that you don't have to be an experienced sea enthusiast to enjoy the water, and these are just a few fun ways that allow you to safely discover all that the sea has to offer.

Beginning Scuba Diving

The waters around Ibiza are filled with beautiful and exotic forms of aquatic life, but you can't begin to thoroughly enjoy this exquisite underwater world until you learn the basics of scuba diving. Fortunately, you'll have a fun experience with this full-day diving adventure that offers instruction with an actual ocean-diving experience through the trusted company of Take Off Ibiza. There should be no worries about safety either because the instructor is an expert diver, and classes are kept at no more than 12 people so that you'll each have individual attention.

Your day starts with a beginner course on all of the basic safety measures, diving techniques and the proper use of all equipment. When everyone has a clear understanding, you'll head out on a dive boat to a beautiful shallow bay in San Antonio that boasts crystal-clear waters and great numbers of brightly colored tropical fish. You'll be provided with a wet suit and scuba gear, and it's an easy entry into the water from the boat's low platform. The depth is no more than 59 feet, and your instructor will be right with you as you practice your dives.

This is a family friendly activity, and private classes may be arranged specifically for your family or group. Be advised that children must be at least 10 years of age to participate, and there is a policy in place that prevents visitors from scuba diving on the same day that they fly on a plane.

Jet Skis On the BeachGuided Jet Ski Experience

Another great service of Take Off Ibiza, this activity is perfect for first-time jet ski riders. The day starts with a safety briefing from an expert instructor, and you'll learn how to properly use the controls on the jet ski before you head off for a 30-minute ride around gorgeous San Antonio Bay. The guide stays right with the group of no more than eight individuals so that you'll be able to ask questions or obtain assistance at any time. Once you've got the hang of it, you may choose between a heart-thumping fast ride or a slow ride that allows you to enjoy the view. Each jet ski seats two comfortably, and children are welcome to ride with an adult. You may also inquire about riding with the guide if that will make you feel safer. Life jackets are provided for each rider, and those driving the jet ski must be 18 years of age and have a valid license to drive.

BladeFish Sea Scooter Adventure

Scuba Mask on the Rocky CliffsThis is a great activity to book along with the 30-minute guided jet ski experience with the same company mentioned above. You may rent the scooter for a full eight hours, but that doesn't mean you're simply on your own because an expert instructor will give you a safety briefing, show you how to control the scooter and stay with you until you feel comfortable using the device. Once you've mastered this easy-to-operate, hand-held piece of equipment, you'll have a blast as it effortlessly propels you through the water among large schools of beautiful tropical fish and colorful corals that are found in the San Antonio Bay. Your rental comes with a wet suit and a snorkel mask that is designed to fit well, and even children can enjoy this fun water scooter.

Private Speedboat With Personal Skipper

You don't even need to be bothered with driving the boat with this unique offering from Smart Charter Ibiza. Just sit back and enjoy this full-day private speedboat charter that comes with an experienced captain. You may choose to set sail at any time between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and your day will be spent exploring Ibiza's most incredible beaches, caves and cliffs. This experience is personalized for your group or family, so you can stop whenever you like to walk along the beaches, swim or play in the water with the provided paddle boards and snorkeling equipment.

Relax on one of the deck's comfortable sunbeds with a drink while you enjoy the ride, and snacks and chilled drinks are available throughout the day. Your captain is behind the wheel of a Tomahawk 37 speedboat, so you may also request a fast ride. As night approaches, you'll be treated to a gorgeous Ibiza sunset over the sea near Formentera and the Punta Rasa Caves. If you'd like to have a special lunch or dinner catered, then this may be arranged for you in advance.