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When you head to Spain's beautiful island of Ibiza for your next vacation, you should plan to treat your taste buds to the exceptional flavors that the island is famous for. This can best be done by enjoying a meal at the many fine restaurants or by taking a specialized food or wine tour. These are just a few of the tours that are available, and you can count on discovering many new favorite dishes and beverages during your stay in Ibiza.

1. Ibiza Food Tours

Coffee and Coffee BeansThis Ibiza Town company prides itself on choosing the most unique and exceptional spots for you to enjoy during your tour, and you may choose from these morning or afternoon options.

  • Morning Tour (Five Hours): Start the day right with a sampling of the area's many local coffees, which includes the brandy-infused carajillo. No worries if you don't like coffee because you'll also visit a little tea shop that specializes in a herb-infused tea, and then it's on to Ibiza's oldest bakery for a little local flao, a delicious handmade pastry. Next, you'll get to shop at the local market where you'll be offered a taste of homemade sausage, fresh fish and other area favorites. Expect to learn how Iberian ham is prepared before going to eat tapas and homemade croquetas with cider in a local bar. The tour ends with a walk through Ibiza's Old Town and an ice cream made from fresh local milk.
  • Afternoon Tour (Five Hours): This tour includes the same coffee and tea listed above along with a special tasting that pairs Iberian ham and locally made cheeses with excellent area wines and a separate wine tasting of several wines made in Ibiza and Formentera. Next comes a nip of the famous local liquor known as Hierbas and some local herb-infused frigola before cider and traditional croquetas. You'll enjoy a walk through the town to clear your head and nibble on an ice cream before finishing the tour with an incredible meal of tapas at a local restaurant. There is also an afternoon tour that lasts three hours if you don't want to be out so long.

2. Bodegas Can Maymo

You'll enjoy something really unique at this Santa Gertrudis winery, and it will make the day of any animal lover. You'll understand why as soon as you arrive and discover the little private zoo on the property. Most of the animals are more than happy to be petted, and you'll be invited to take your time visiting with little black piglets, baby goats, chickens, ducks, an emu, large geese and many colorful birds such as peacocks. During the wine tour, you'll see the vineyards and the production area while the guide explains how this family business has progressed from its humble beginnings. Expect to taste at least three different wines that are perfectly paired with homemade pita bread covered in goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes fresh from the onsite garden.

3. Sa Cova Winery

Famous for being the very first winery on the island to produce modern wines, this Sant Antoni favorite sits on nearly 25 beautiful acres filled with local grape varieties that include Syrah, Malvasia and Monastrell. From these grapes, this winery produces one white wine, one rose wine and three extremely popular red wines that are known as Sa Cova Private, Sa Cova 9 and Clot d'Albarca. It's open all year long, and the owner is always happy to provide a tour. Expect to learn about the process of making the wine and how to age it properly, and any questions you have are welcome.

Depending upon the time of year that you visit, you may even have a chance to see the grapes being crushed. The tasting follows the tour, and it's held on a lovely terrace that overlooks the vineyard. You'll be treated to wines paired with tapas, and vegetarian options are available upon request. Tours are offered by appointment only, and those lodging with us here at Exceptional Stays can count on our dedicated concierge team to arrange your visit to this winery and to any other activities that you may be interested in during your time in Ibiza.

4. Can Rich de Buscastell

Another Sant Antoni favorite, this organic winery is known for its ecological farming practices as well as its fine wines, and it produces excellent olive oil, vinegar and herb liqueur as well. It's located on some 46 lovely acres, and tours are available by appointment only. Expect to enjoy a walk through the vineyards along with some time spent in the processing area. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about how wine makes it from the vine to the bottle before enjoying a tasting of several wines paired with delicious tapas.