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Anyone who has ever dreamed of the perfect island getaway most likely already knows that a visit to Ibiza, Spain, is a true escape from the world as we know it. You’ll enjoy time away from those everyday hassles and responsibilities and have a great time no matter which activities you choose to pursue during your stay, but part of the fun of your vacation is discovering the incredible escape within the escape. Come be delighted and challenged by the Escape Rooms Ibiza, and you’ll experience some wonders that the escape rooms back home just can’t offer.

About Escape Rooms Ibiza

Conveniently located in Ibiza Town, Escape Rooms Ibiza offers the island’s premier escape experiences. Each room offers 60 minutes of intense fun as you work to decipher clever clues, solve a myriad of mysteries and find hidden objects in an effort to escape before your time is up. This activity is great for groups of as many as eight people, and families are welcome. Children age12 and up are more than capable of participating, and younger children are welcome as long as they are supervised by a parent or other responsible adult. Walk-ins will be accommodated whenever possible, but advance bookings are highly recommended.

Sherlock Holmes Equipment Escape Rooms IbizaFour Exciting Rooms

Instead of a one-size-fits-all experience, Escape Rooms Ibiza offers four themed rooms for your enjoyment, and each is completely different from the others. Pick your favorite, or make a day of it and try them all. Read on to learn more about each option.

  • Sherlock: Based on the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, this room has you working to help foil evil Professor Moriarty’s villainous plans. This room is an excellent recreation of the study of Sherlock Holmes, and you’ll have to explore his most prized possessions to find the hidden instructions for a successful adventure.
  • Wonderland: A favorite of the younger set and anyone who has ever disappeared into the magic of the Alice in Wonderland story, this room is a lovely recreation of the whimsical world that Alice found herself in. You’ll go to the tea party, and it’s your responsibility to figure out where Alice and that very special white rabbit have hidden themselves.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: If you can’t get enough of zombie books and movies, then you’re going to love this room. You’ll find yourself among the world’s last survivors of the great zombie apocalypse, and you must work to save humanity. You’ll need to enter the fortress of Dalt Vila, which is completely overrun with zombiekind, and find the antidote needed to return our world to the control of humans and save all of our brains from being eaten.
  • Mad Scientist: Who isn’t afraid of being kidnapped by a mad scientist? This room brings that fear to life, and you’ll find yourself right in the laboratory of your unfriendly neighborhood mad scientist. Keep your wits about you, and you’ll be able to find the secrets of his lab before he shows up to torture you with his evil experiments.

Things to Know

Participation in these escape rooms is a fun activity, but it’s not intended for those who suffer from such conditions as seizure disorders or extreme claustrophobia. However, it’s possible to have the escape room door left unlocked for those who will feel safer being able to leave at any time. You also need not worry about getting stuck on a clue and being unable to enjoy the full experience. Each room is monitored by security cameras, and the staff is able to speak with you and offer hints and tips to help you move on to the next clue or challenge.

Scapart Ibiza

If you make it through all four rooms at Escape Rooms Ibiza and still haven’t had enough, then you should head on over to Scapart Ibiza to try your hand at its four exciting escape rooms.

  • The Theft of Tanit: You must steal the sculpture of the goddess Tanit from the Gallery of Art before mobsters get their hands on it and use her secret power to rule the world.
  • Aim Spy Negative: The Ibizan government needs you to sneak into this photo studio and find the negatives that could destroy the island’s security and leave it in the hands of evildoers.
  • The Secret Pirate of the Island: Your team must work together to stop brutal pirates from taking the island for their own.
  • Hypnotic: Find the evil camera that takes your freewill away and leaves you hypnotized and under the spell of evildoers. You only have 60 minutes before it takes a picture of you, and all is lost.

Book Your Escape Room Early

If you plan to lodge with us here at Exceptional Stays during your Ibiza Vacation, then we’ll be happy to reserve your escape room experience. Just let us know which ones you may be interested in when you reserve your preferred vacation home.