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A stay in one of our Ibiza Luxury Vacation Rentals offers time to relax and enjoy some of the world’s most stunning beaches as well as full-service spas that boast amazing island treatments that you won’t find anywhere else. Combine all of that relaxation and pampering with the island’s gourmet restaurants and hundreds of opportunities to indulge in the local cuisine, and it might have you thinking about adding another element to your Ibiza vacation. You may want to squeeze in a bit of gym time, and you’ll find everything that you need to stay in shape at the popular BFit Ibiza Sports Club.

About BFit

Ibiza’s largest health and wellness center, BFit offers a full range of high-end fitness equipment and free weights and more than 50 professionals to assist you in achieving the perfect workout experience. Visitors have full use of changing rooms for both men and women, and each comes with hairdryers and lockers to keep all of your valuables safe. BFit is open every day of the year, even on holidays, and it’s also a great place to meet other visitors and locals while keeping to your regular fitness schedule. Here’s a bit more about what you may expect from your time at BFit.

TRX TrainingGuided Activities

Well over 550 classes and activities are offered each month, and these are just a few of the most popular.

  • Air Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Climbing
  • Pilates
  • Dance
  • Strength Training
  • Body Combat
  • Cycling
  • TRX
  • Circuit Hero
  • Body Pump
  • Padel

Express Classes

BFit makes it easy for you to get in a good daily workout without taking too much time away from your vacation plans. These express classes only go for 20 minutes, and you’ll experience an intense workout.


Those looking for an extremely intense hour-long workout will want to check out this class. In addition to addressing your body’s need for exercise, these boxing classes are designed to strengthen your body, burn fat, increase flexibility, tone muscles, release stress and improve circulation, reflexes, agility, balance and your cardiovascular system.

Personal Training

If you want to work out on a one-on-one basis, then BFit offers several qualified personal trainers to choose from. Both male and female trainers are available onsite, and they’ll help you discover a personalized workout session that best meets your needs. Your instructor is also happy to give you tips on diet and exercise for when you’re away from BFit. Personal training programs may address such concerns as weight loss or gain, toning, rehab for injuries, posture correction or the improvement of speed, flexibility, strength or endurance.

Swimming Pool

Many people have the desire to work out, but require low-impact exercises for reasons that may include injury or age. This is where BFit’s huge swimming pool comes in handy, and you’ll discover various classes that include water aerobics and strength training right from the comfort of the pool.

The Spa

Perhaps you’d like to relax in BFit’s incredible spa while your spouse works out, or you are free to use the spa facilities after your exercise is done. These are a few of the perks that you’ll have access to at the spa.

  • Turkish Bath: Temperatures in this humid steam bath range from 104 to 113 degrees, and that allows you to reach a state of deep relaxation. It’s also good for opening the airways of anyone who may be experiencing sinus problems or cold issues, eliminating toxins through the sweat from your pores and softening your skin.
  • Sauna: A more traditional way to relax after a workout, the sauna offers dry air with temperatures of over 100 degrees. Some time in the sauna also works to remove toxins from your body, increases circulation and relieves any muscle or joint pain
  • Cube Shower: This is an amazing way to cool down after a hard workout, and it also encourages optimal circulation and fully wakes you up so that you can thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day. Many people utilize this special shower after some time in the sauna or the Turkish bath.
  • Sensations Shower: If a fully cold shower is too much for you, then you’re sure to enjoy this one that continuously cycles cold and hot water over your body. It feels wonderful and is extremely refreshing.

For the Children

During your time at BFit, you can count on qualified onsite childcare that offers a nice selection of activities for children ages 3 to 10. There are also several classes and activities available for your children ages 3 to 14, and these include swimming, paddle tennis, interactive workshops, hiking, wall climbing, cross fit for kids and pool games. Between June and September, you’ll have the option of enrolling your children in the Monday through Friday summer program that offers fun and fitness in both morning and late afternoon classes.