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With 130 miles of coastline and 300 days of sunshine per year, Ibiza is a magnet for vacationers who relish in sandy paradises. While the third-largest Balearic Island is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, Ibiza's pleasant year-round weather conditions and its many attractions offer much more to those searching for a romantic or relaxing retreat.


Average Temperatures in Ibiza

Ibiza is far from average when it concerns natural beauty and heritage, with dozens of beaches and landmarks scattered across the island. To recognize its magic and allure, UNESCO declared Ibiza a World Heritage site in 1999. Although most of the 7 million vacationers who visited Ibiza in 2016 did so during the summer, the island's many hiking trails and wineries have also made it a popular escape during winter's cooler months, which are warmer than in most places.

  • January: 46-59 degrees Fahrenheit
  • February: 48-60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • March: 48-62 degrees Fahrenheit
  • April: 52-73 degrees Fahrenheit
  • May: 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • June: 64-79 degrees Fahrenheit
  • July: 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit
  • August: 77-97 degrees Fahrenheit
  • September: 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • October: 61-77 degrees Fahrenheit
  • November: 44-66 degrees Fahrenheit
  • December: 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Seasonal Events and Activities in Ibiza

Although Ibiza's temperatures aren't constant through the year, there's always something to see or do on the island.


Springtime marks the start of another year in paradise, with fields of poppies blooming in blood red in late April*.

  • San Jose celebrates spring with a fiesta called Flower Power
  • Easter celebrations held in Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town
  • Medieval Fair in old walled town of Dalt Vila in second weekend of May

*April also tends to be the wettest month of the year in Ibiza, so prepare accordingly.


Ibiza's summer seasons are unforgettable, especially if you enjoy relaxing days on the beach and lively nights.

  • Opening parties in Ibiza's famous mega clubs take place in early June
  • Fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen, when religious processions on the sea take place in Ibiza town and San Antonio
  • Open air opera at Dalt Vila and many firework displays celebrating San Cyriac on the 8th of August


It's cooler, it's quieter and now there's plenty of space to get around the magical island to explore it more.

  • Ibiza‚Äôs annual Jazz Festival
  • A quieter island makes it perfect for in-depth exploration around the countryside
  • A cooler island makes it perfect for outdoor sports and golf at the Roca Llisa course


Winter in Ibiza ushers in cooler temperatures that quiet the island, making it the perfect time to visit if you'd like to spend the start of the new year relaxing in peace. If you're escaping a brutally cold winter, it might feel like summer.

  • The Three Kings celebration on the 6th of January
  • Almond blossoms cover Ibiza in a white cloak and all the almond trees burst into flower
  • Each town on the island holds a parade to celebrate Carnival

If you're searching for a beach paradise with clement year-round weather, Ibiza is sure to satisfy your tastes and sooth your spirit.