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02/13/2019 - 5:00pm to 02/20/2019 - 5:00pm

The perfect way to send those winter doldrums packing is with a mid-February visit to Spain's lively island of Ibiza for the fabulous Ibiza Carnival. This festive event is a magical celebration of creativity that showcases the worthy efforts of the island's youth along with the local dance, music and art schools, and fun activities are offered along with amazing parades that are held in towns that include Ibiza Town, San Juan, Formentera, San Antonio, Santa Eularia and San Jose. The parades and celebrations are held across several days so that you'll be able to enjoy more than one, and it's a wonderful event for adults and children of all ages.

Carnival Highlights

Each town across the island offers its own parade and various forms of celebration, and this is just a bit of what you may expect to enjoy.

The Parades

The parades that are held during the Ibiza Carnival are truly some of the most colorful and creative that you'll ever see, and the judges always have a difficult time choosing the costumes and floats that deserve the top prizes. Each entry is judged on creative choreography and striking originality, and wonderful themes are represented each year.

Favorites include the Wizard of Oz, the Sound of Music, Toy Story, Maleficent and the Lion King, and dance troupes dressed in costumes from their chosen theme stop at various points along the parade route to show off their best dance routines. Marching bands and entertainers on floats also perform several different kinds of music during the parade, and you can expect Latin music, Broadway show tunes, top hits and much more.

Live Music

The island is alive with music throughout the time of the Ibiza Carnival, and many restaurants, bars and nightclubs offer special entertainment. Many of the parades end at a point where live DJs are waiting to get the party started, and there's plenty of dancing in the streets and food and drinks available. There are also several indoor and outdoor concerts held, and these have included performances by the City of Ibiza Symphony Band, live Cuban music by various bands and live rock music concerts by the Frigolos and other popular bands.

Other Activities

Street performers, all types of vendors and fun activities and events are found all across the island during the Ibiza Carnival. Typically, an area is also set up in each town that features a bounce house, pony rides, face painting, art and dance classes and other fun things for the younger visitors to enjoy.