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Spain's stunning Costa Brava is an excellent vacation spot for both couples and entire families that are traveling with children. In addition to the wonderful beaches, there are several activities available that are designed to entertain children and people of all ages. Costa Brava's many offerings include several incredible water parks, and these are just two of its most popular options.

1. Water World

This popular Lloret water park offers a full day of fun for children of every age group and adults as well. There's a lovely grassy area with picnic tables for those who want to enjoy lunch and a bit of a rest before getting back to the fun, and there are many restaurants onsite. Some two dozen attractions are available at this park, and these are just a few of the very best.

For the Little Ones

  • Kids Lagoon: A shallow pool with a playground, this is a safe spot for the youngest family members to play while the older children try out the rest of the park. There's an entire playground right in the water for extra fun for your toddlers.
  • Kiddie Island: This fun area is filled with interactive water activities that are sure to capture the attention of any young child.
  • Kids Water World: Children age 6 and under are sure to have a blast in this fun area that boasts a huge pirate ship, two mini-river slides, the ultimate water battle with water cannons and several geysers and sprayers.

For the Entire Family

  • Wave Pool: A 160-foot pool of waves awaits, and you can play in the waves or ride them on a board up to 6 feet in the air.
  • Soft Run: This cool ride is made of soft material that allows you to body surf down the water slide in complete comfort. There are four lanes so that the parents and the children can race each other to the bottom.
  • Rafting River: At over 700 feet long, this is the longest water ride in all of Europe. An entire family of four can take a ride on a giant tube with 500 feet of the ride being in darkness before taking a quick 360-degree turn into the light and under the waterfalls.

Thrill Rides

  • Speed Furious: Only for the most daring, this ride places you in a capsule and allows you to free fall at a high rate of speed along some 300 vertical feet. Two slides are side by side so that you can race a friend to the bottom.
  • Storm: Perhaps the most unique water ride in all of Spain, this attraction involves two huge funnels that allow you to travel along 262 feet of tunnel at an extremely high speed. You'll be safe, but you'll feel like you're being sucked directly into the vortex of a whirlpool.
  • Hurricane: A great ride for couples or best friends, you'll be placed in an inflatable boat for two and dropped through darkness in a super fast vertical descent of nearly 300 feet.

2. Aqua Brava

For some 30 years, locals and visitors alike have been enjoying this incredible Roses water park that is beautifully spread across 28 acres of parkland. Nineteen water rides and attractions for every age group, certified lifeguards throughout the park, two restaurants and three bars all come together to provide a full day of fun for the entire family. These are just a few of the rides and attractions that you may expect to enjoy during your time at Aqua Brava.

For the Youngest Family Members

  • Tropic Island: Shallow water and plenty of fun activities combine to entertain every child. Two rivers allow your children to go around and around in the constant-flowing stream, and there's also a lagoon with several climbing features, mini water slides and waterfalls to run through.
  • Pirate Island: Children are required to wear a flotation device in this area, and there's plenty of room to play in the water, on the water slides and on the full-size pirate boat. A green area with a playground is also found near this area for those who want some time to play out of the water.

Family Fun

  • Wave Pool: Come enjoy the largest wave pool in all of Europe, and you may play on the sandy beach as well.
  • Octospeed: This ride allows you to race your family and friends at high speeds on eight parallel slides.

Thrill Rides

  • Kamikaze: An extreme thrill, this awesome ride allows you to experience a super-fast vertical drop of more than 55 feet.
  • Black Hole: Brave the dark on this ride that takes you along some 400 feet of tunnel at high speeds. Two people may ride together on each tube.