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Spain's wonderful Costa Brava boasts over 185 miles of gorgeous coastline along the enchanting Mediterranean Sea, and there are countless ways to enjoy this popular vacation destination. Costa Brava is nothing short of a dream come true for fishing enthusiasts, and many plan a getaway to the area specifically with the incredible fishing in mind. Whether you want to do nothing other than fish or simply want to enjoy a day of fishing during your stay, you'll find many wonderful fishing charters and tours available for your group's specific wants and needs. These are just a few of the area's most trusted companies that are ready to offer you the fishing experience of a lifetime.

1. Blanes Boats

The owners of this company are truly doing what they love most, and you can expect to enjoy your fishing trip on an exceptionally well-equipped boat with friendly, experienced guides that know these waters like the back of their own hands. You may expect a safe trip with the main goals being to have fun and haul in the fish. To ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want, Blanes Boats offers several different fishing excursions, and these are just a few of its most requested options.

  • Bluefin Tuna Fishing: Blanes is considered one of the best spots in all of Spain for catching tuna, and this fishing experience is made for those who want the absolute thrill of a lifetime. There's no room for a lazy day of fishing on this trip because tuna fishing requires you to go into battle. These big boys are the most powerful fish in the ocean, and they'll fight hard to stay in the water. Since a bluefin tuna may weigh in at over 800 pounds, you'll need to be well-rested and ready for the ultimate challenge. While you may have your photo taken with your giant catch, this company practices a catch-and-release program for all tuna.
  • Bottom Fishing: This excursion allows participants to enjoy catching a variety of different fish species. Your guides will take you out to the spots that feature rocky structures and coral bottoms, and you may expect to hook snapper, grouper, bream, John Dory and pandora. Those who choose bottom fishing can usually count on getting good bites throughout the entire trip.
  • Child's Fishing Tours: An experience that is an absolute favorite of families who are traveling with children, this tour is the perfect way to introduce your child to the joys of fishing and create some wonderful memories. A three-hour adventure, this trip takes place in the safest spots close to the harbor, and the children may fish in areas without much depth to make it easier to catch their fish. Different species of fish are found in abundance, and the crew does everything possible to ensure that each child makes at least one good catch. A parent or other responsible adult must accompany each child on this tour.

2. Roses Vila Marinera

This is an authentic fishing business that offers something completely different in the way of a fishing excursion. Participants may expect to become part of the small crew of one to four fishermen and actually take part in a local fisherman's daily routine. You'll be taught to use a trammel net, get in some long-line fishing and learn shell fishing. When the fishing day is done, you may also learn about how the fresh fish is traded or sold in the marketplace.

3. Nordkapp Fishing Charters

Experienced captains, friendly and knowledge local fishing guides and top-notch equipment all come together to provide you with an excellent fishing excursion from this trusted company in Blanes. Several different fishing charters are offered, and each includes all necessary bait and fishing equipment, fishing licenses and refreshments. These are the regular options, and you may also request a more personalized trip.

  • Bottom Fishing (half day or full day)
  • High Deep Fishing (full day with electric reels)
  • Inshore Trolling (half day or full day)
  • Offshore Trolling for Tuna (full day)
  • “Brumeo” Tuna (half day or full day)
  • 4. Ru-Charter

Another Blanes favorite, this company takes its guests out to sea in style aboard the luxury yacht that is known as the Astondoa. The captain knows exactly where the best spots are for a successful day of sport fishing, and you're sure to enjoy learning local fishing techniques from the friendly and experienced crew. You may spend the day battling the giant bluefin tuna or opt for more easy-going fish. It's your day, and you can spend it the way you want to simply by letting the crew know what you'd like to catch. Both refreshments and snacks are always available during your excursion, and those choosing a full-day trip may make arrangements for a special meal to be served.