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If you're planning a visit to Spain's stunning and rugged coastline that is known as the Costa Brava, then you're about to discover an incredible area of the planet that is filled with old-world fishing villages, medieval towns, thriving municipalities and an abundance of wonderful things to do and see. Millions of people from all around the globe visit this area every year, and the Mediterranean Sea is a natural draw for those looking for exciting water activities. However, Costa Brava also offers plenty of treasures right on the land, and you may discover all of the beauty and mystery of this historic area with these excellent tours.

1. Rutes Cadaques

This established tour company is committed to assisting visitors in finding the most beautiful places in all of Cadaques with a number of excellent experiences available.Cadaques Road Along the Water

  • Cadaques History Tour: Your guide for this tour isn't just knowledgeable about the area, he's also a gifted storyteller who will delight you with wonderful tales as you meander through the streets during this fun two-hour walking tour. You'll hear everything there is to know about the the area's unique history, its wonderful resident artists from throughout the centuries, which include Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, and the many incredible myths and legends that revolve around pirates, witches and mermaids. Tour highlights include the watchtowers, Santa Maria Church, the Jewish Quarter and the Baluard, which is the town's original fortress.
  • Botanic Tour: Nature lovers will enjoy this outdoor tour that explores the unique plants and flowers found in Cadaques.
  • Get Surreal: This tour is aimed at those interested in the life and work of Salvador Dali, and it specifically delves into his work in the cultural movement of Surrealism. You'll learn about his life and what inspired him in his art, explore the Dali House Museum and visit his studio and his favorite olive garden.
  • The Cadaques Pirates: This is a family fun tour that includes a hunt for pirate treasure. You'll work together to decipher the code on the treasure map, which will lead you to the beautiful Sa Sebolla Cove. You'll also learn the history of pirate activity in the area and see the defensive walls that were used to protect the citizens from legendary pirates such as Barbarossa.
  • Tudela Landscape of the Cap de Creus: Everything is beautiful in the protected Cap Creus Natural Park, and this tour concentrates on its unique landscape during a lovely walk. You'll learn how the forces of nature formed the unique geological shapes and colors and how this unique area inspired some of Salvador Dali's greatest works.

2. Roses Expres

Bay of Roses, Costa Brava

These tram cars that are pulled by a wonderful replica of a steam engine provide the perfect way to explore beautiful areas of Roses and Cap de Creus without the need for a walking tour. Several fun excursions are available, and arrangements may be made to pick you up right from your vacation residence for transportation to the beginning points of these excellent riding tours.

  • Joncols: Your ride will take you past stunning scenery and many gorgeous coves. When you reach Joncols Cove at the top of the cliff, there will be time to stop and enjoy the view. On the way back down, you'll be able to see the Tailor's Tower, which is a 16th century Catalan farmhouse.
  • Falconera: This excursion offers riders the very best views of the Bay of Roses, the Medes Islands and Cap Norfeu. You'll also see several gorgeous beaches, the main lighthouse and the Cap Creus Natural Park.
  • Badia: You'll be treated to panoramic views of the Bay of Roses, miles of beaches, coves and canals and the Cap Creus Natural Park. You'll also travel to Falconera Point to see the Cap Norfeu Nature Reserve and to the top of Puig Rom to see the Empordan plain, which is beautifully backed by the Canigo Mountain, the Gulf of Roses and the Medes Islands.
  • Puig Rom: Discover the town of Roses as you pass by many of its most important landmarks, which include the lighthouse, the fishing port, Canyelles Petites Beach with its wonderful view of Els Brancs and the Trinitat Castle. Once you've reached the top of Puig Rom Mountain, you'll enjoy spectacular views of the Cap Creus Natural Park, the Emporda plain, which is backed by the Pyrenees Mountains, the Medes Islands and the Bay of Roses.
  • Puig Alt: This excursion transports you up the highest mountain on the Cap de Creus peninsula at over 1,600 feet. At the top, you'll enjoy the best views of the sea from two sides of the mountain, and you'll also see the Bay of Roses, the Port de la Selva coast, the Rockland wild coast and even the French coast if the day is clear.