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Spain has produced some of the greatest artists in the entire world over the centuries, and many people visit the country to further explore the life and work of their favorite artists. Fans of the incredible Salvador Dali will definitely want to make their travel plans for the lovely Costa Brava, which is the birthplace of this famous artist and the best spot in the world to embrace everything that made Dali great. You'll find many ways to connect with Dali during your visit, and these are just a few of the most popular.

Dali House-Museum

Dali Theatre-Museum Street-viewSituated in Portlligat, this residence is the place that Dali called home and studio from 1930 and up until his wife passed away in 1982. The isolated state of the home combined with the brilliant lighting and beautiful surrounding landscape called out to the artist in Dali, and he spent those 40 years adding on to his home in the most artistic of ways. You'll recognize the house by the giant egg on top the roof, and visitors may enjoy three special areas that are dedicated to specific periods in Dali's life. These include the outside area and courtyard, the couple's private quarters and the ground floor. The outside area is quite entertaining with its phallic-shaped swimming pool and interesting gardens.

The house itself is an oddity, and your tour will begin in the large Bear Lobby. You'll find yourself walking through narrow corridors and twisting walkways, and you'll discover the way Dali and his wife lived at every turn and even be able to tour the main studio where Dali spent his days and nights in his creative endeavors. Dali was particularly taken with his view of Portlligat Bay, and you'll notice that there are a variety of large and small windows, framed in different shapes, that feature a stunning view of the bay. Reservations are required to tour the interior of the home, and those staying with us here at Exceptional Stays may depend on us to have your visit scheduled when you arrive at your vacation residence.

Dali Theater-Museum

Figueres is the city in which Dali was born and died, so it's the perfect place for this incredible surrealist art museum. Dali actually lived the last years of his life in an annex of the museum building, the Torre Galatea, and it also serves as his final resting place as the artist is bu

eated during every period of his long life. The museum was designed by Dali, so you'll find the building itself a work of art with a surreal maze-like quality. Reservations are not required to visit this museum, and entrance to the adjoining Dali Jewel exhibition is included in the admission price.

Sant Ferran Castle

Sant Ferran Castle ExteriorAlso in Figueres is this immense military fortress that was constructed in the 18th century. While it certainly doesn't pay homage to Dali's art, super fans enjoy the guided tour that takes you to the very spot where Dali finished up his military service in 1927. Visitors may take their time exploring this gigantic fortress that was originally built to house as many as 6,000 individuals and 500 horses, and you'll also have the option to take a jeep ride through the intricate tunnels and a raft ride in the underground cistern system. Reservations are necessary for the full guided experience. Keep in mind that this attraction is a nice walk from the Dali Theater-Museum, so you may wish to visit one right after the other. Be advised that it will take 15 to 20 minutes to reach your destination by foot.

Cap de Creus Natural Park

A beautiful area that every nature lover should visit, Cap de Creus Natural Park is also a place that offered great inspiration to Dali. If you're also an artist, then you're encouraged to pay special attention to the large rock formations that you'll see as you hike along the Tudela Trail. Several of Dali's best works took shape from these natural formations, and you're likely to see many aspiring artists sketching the objects found along this scenic path.

Dali Fun Facts

  • Dali is certainly famous for his iconic art, but he also created some things that don't seem very Dali-like. If you're familiar with Chupa Chups lollipops, then you've seen a Dali original on every wrapper because this great artist designed that yummy candy's logo.
  • Maybe Dali liked the shape of cauliflower just a bit too much because he arrived to deliver a speech in 1955 in a Rolls Royce that was completely filled with the healthy vegetable.