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Spain's incredible Costa Brava meanders along mile after mile of exquisite coastline right on the Mediterranean Sea, and it's also home to part of the Pyrenees Mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to be in a big hurry to start exploring, and there are so many wonderful ways that you can discover all of this area's amazing natural treasures. Biking is one of the best ways to get around Costa Brava, and here are a few of the top tour companies that can get you safely on your way to a great biking adventure.
  1. Creative Catalonia

    Run by a family that is absolutely passionate about the great outdoors, this company is unique in that it offers clients the opportunity to choose their own path. You're completely free to enjoy a self-guided or private-guided tour of your own design, and you may plan a short day trip or a multi-day adventure. Paths are available that are considered easy, moderate and difficult so that those of any skill level may participate in this activity, and you'll be equipped with a fully-customized itinerary along with top-of-the-line bikes in excellent condition, a navigation system to ensure that no one is ever lost and extra equipment that includes a helmet, a water bottle, a spare inner tube and a puncture repair kit. These are just a few of the most popular biking options offered by this company.

    Cycle Touring

    These are perfect rides for families and others who are looking for an easy or easy-to-moderate path, and it's a great way to enjoy the gorgeous scenery from the comfort of a hybrid bike.

    • Medieval Villages
    • Pyrenees to the Mediterranean
    • Best of Catalonia

    Mountain Biking

    The Baix Emporda Mountain Bike Network awaits those looking for a bit of a challenge and some of the best views in Catalonia.

    • Costa Brava Mountain Bike Holiday

    Road Riding

    These rides are considered moderate to difficult and include some challenging climbs on actual pro training routes amid an abundance of scenic beauty.

    • Girona
    • Pyrenees to Mediterranean
  2. Eat, Sleep, Cycle

    The name of this company pretty much says it all, and you can expect to enjoy anything related to biking. This includes trips for cyclists at absolutely any skill level, amazing point-to-point bike adventures, cycling holidays, training camps and rental bikes for those who want to simply ride out and about on their own. A wonderful selection of bikes are available, and these are a few of the most popular bike tours that you may be interested in.

    • Girona Day Trips
    • Pyrenees for Women
    • Winter in Girona
    • Winter Weekender
    • Girona Experience
    • Costa Brava Tour
    • Women's Camp
    • Girona Challenge
    • Pyrenees Challenge
    • Pyrenees Retreat
    • Girona Gourmet Tour
  3. Burricleta Alt Emporda

    Located in Roses, this cool company offers adventures on electric bikes that are fully equipped with a GPS system for your safety. Many routes are available, and you can rent bikes for a ride along the beach, through the village or out into the forest paths among vast fields of wildflowers. There are also several unique experiences available.

    • Boat Ride + Bike Ride: This experience takes you on a lovely boat ride from Roses to Cadaques where you'll enjoy an excellent bike ride along a stunning path. You may also take a bike ride along the coast from Roses to Cadaque, and take a boat ride back.
    • Natural Park Aiguamolls + Wine Tasting: You'll have a tour of the olive oil mill, followed by a wine tasting and a bike ride through this beautiful park.
  4. Bike Breaks

    Best known for its free bike rides for the entire family, which feature a fun ride down to Girona's best shopping area each Thursday, this company also offers other fun day trips that include a guided group ride each Tuesday, a classic road ride with a private guide and a guided ride through the medieval village. A complete selection of Cannondale bikes are available for rental if you'd like to explore on your own, and several cycling holidays are offered as well.

    • Hybrid-Dali's Playground
    • Hybrid-Tastes of the Mediterranean
    • Ride and Relax Spa Trip
    • Pyrenean Adventure
    • Girona Experience

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Many of these biking adventures are limited in openings, so it's a good idea to book your biking tour before you arrive for your Costa Brava vacation. Those lodging with us here at Exceptional Stays may count on our dedicated concierge team to make any necessary arrangements for your biking tour and anything else that you might like to enjoy during your stay. Just let us know how we may assist you when you make your reservations for your Costa Brava luxury vacation home.