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People from all around the globe choose to spend their vacation time in wonderful Barcelona, Spain. Some come to enjoy the many water activities that are available on the exquisite Mediterranean Sea during the day and sample the famous nightlife options when the sun goes down. Others feast on gourmet delights and spend their days absorbing the art, culture and architecture that the city is famous for. However, there's a lot more to Barcelona than all of that, and those traveling with children and teenagers should also plan to enjoy a traditional family favorite with a day at the popular Tibidabo Park.

Ferris Wheel at Tibidabo Park Overlooking Barcelona

About Tibidabo Park

As one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire world, Tibidabo Park has been delighting families and children of all ages for some 100 years. Much like America's Disney World, generations of Barcelona natives and visitors from around the world have made lifelong memories at Tibidabo Park, and these are just a few of the park's most popular features that you're sure to enjoy during your visit.

The Amazing Sky Walk

Situated at over 1,600 feet up the Collserola Mountain, this cool area of the park offers the best views of Barcelona. It also houses some of the park's most popular attractions.


All ages adore this fabulous airplane ride, and it's a must for aviation enthusiasts. In operation since 1928, this ride is actually history's first flight simulator and it's powered by its own propeller.

Museu d'Automats

View of Tibidabo Park on the HillOne of Barcelona's official museums, visitors will have the opportunity to see more than 40 unique automatons from the 19th and 20th centuries. These delightful creations are perfectly preserved and fully functional.


Located at the summit of the mountain, this panoramic big wheel gives you a fabulous ride through the clouds and even better views of the surrounding beauty.

Rio Grande

This little train carries virtually every visitor in the park. It's the perfect way to enjoy a fun ride around the entire park so that you can see where everything is and what you'd like to do first.

Fabulous Entertainment

Throughout the park, visitors will enjoy all types of street performances, and there are also shows that are held daily.


A wonderful selection of puppet shows are held here, and it's a wonderful treat for young children and anyone else who enjoys puppets. You may also take time to look at the exhibition of several historically valuable puppets that are on display.

Hotel Krueger

For teenagers and adults who enjoy a good scare, this show features an abundance of frightening characters who will have you screaming and covering your eyes.


This 4-D cinema gives you so much more than the traditional 3-D effects. You'll also be able to actually feel the wind and water on your face, and it's all perfectly incorporated into an exciting show that you'll truly feel a part of.

Rollercoaster at Tibidabo Park

Fun Rides

You'll find some 25 rides as you walk through the park, and they range from fun and simple for the smallest children to the very best thrill rides that you'll need to be brave to try out. These are just two of the most popular thrill rides.

Muntanya Russa

Every person who loves a good roller coaster will want to experience this exciting coaster that will have your head spinning as you rush up and down and all around.

Castell Misterios

This thrilling, fast-moving ride features some wonderful audio and mechanical effects. You'll zip among the drawbridges and towers of a castle and discover many enchanting surprises.

Great Food

Regardless of where you are in the park, you'll be just moments away from one of the many restaurants and cafes. Go in for a sit-down family meal, or you can get something to take out to one of the park's lovely picnic areas.

Come Experience Beautiful Barcelona

Make your reservations today for one of our luxury villas, and you'll soon be enjoying amazing Tibidabo Park and all of the other wonderful things that this great city has to offer.