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Those planning a visit to the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain, are in for the perfect vacation event of a lifetime, and you're going to be simply amazed by all of the incredible experiences that await your arrival. Whether you have something specific in mind or just want to enjoy everything that Barcelona has to offer, there's one attraction that you definitely have to see if you're interested in art, culture, nature or history. Those who are wondering what type of attraction could possibly offer all of these wonderful elements at once will completely understand as soon as they enter the gates of the iconic Park Guell.

The Birth of Park Guell

Mosaic Lizard at Park Guell In the early 1900s, the affluent residents of Barcelona expected to enjoy the best of everything, but they didn't have a park that met their standards. With that in mind, the Spanish entrepreneur Eusebi Guell commissioned the great architect Antoni Gaudi to create a stylish park that would delight Barcelona's aristocracy. Gaudi worked on it from 1900 to 1914, and his intricate creation certainly didn't disappoint. The site was designated as a public park in 1926 so that everyone could enjoy it, and it was used for many years to host a variety of Catalan civic and social events.

Come Experience Park Guell

Some 9 million people visit Park Guell each year, and you'll have to experience it for yourself to enjoy it to the fullest. These are just a few of the wonderful things that you may expect to see. 

The Gaudi Dragon Fountain

Tunnel at Park GuellYou'll know that you're in for something special as soon as you enter the front gates and see this immense stone dragon. The colorful tiling on the dragon makes it look like a mythical creature rising up from the ground, and it's a sight that has been called magical and hypnotic by many visitors.

The Naturally Columned Walkway

Much of Gaudi's work was greatly influenced by natural shapes, and you can clearly see that influence as you stroll through this walkway. It's supported by twisting, irregular-shaped rock pillars that appear to be natural tree trunks.

The Mosaic Seating Area

The terraced area that is located at the top of Guell Park boasts a seating area that is made up of vibrantly colored mosaics that are incredibly beautiful. It's a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy exceptional views of the park and the surrounding city. 

Sunset View at Park Guell

The Gaudi House Museum

Early plans for the park called for an upper-class housing development, but that didn't pan out. Only two houses were actually built, and Gaudi lived in one from 1906 to 1925. His former home now serves as a museum, and you'll see furniture and many other Gaudi-designed items.

Stunning Gardens

Those visiting during the spring season will encounter the most stunning assortment of brilliantly colored flowers. During every season, the park's green spaces offer beauty, peace and tranquility to every visitor.

Tips on Getting to Park Guell

Those who are traveling with young children or have any trouble walking should plan to arrive at Park Guell by bus, taxi or private car. If you take the metro, then you'll be required to endure a 20-minute walk up some very steep steps, and these other means of transportation can take you straight to the gate.

Take a Tour

Park Guell provides a fun experience for all ages, and guided tours are available with an English-speaking guide. Each tour lasts a full hour, and you may join a group that will have no more than 25 people to ensure that all of your questions will receive personalized attention. You may also request a private tour that requires a minimum of two people and no more than nine. Regardless of the tour that you choose, you'll be allowed to enjoy the grounds on your own when the guided portion of the tour is done.

Plan Your Barcelona Vacation Today

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