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If you've made the excellent decision to spend your vacation in fabulous Barcelona, Spain, then you're probably already busy making a list of everything that you want to see and do during your stay. There's so much to choose from, and you're going to have a wonderful time regardless of which activities, attractions and events that you include in your plans. One activity that you may have not yet thought of is a day trip to incredibly popular Montserrat, and it's something that you definitely don't want to miss. 

Cable Car in Front of Montserrat

About Montserrat

A distinctive mountain that reaches over 4,000 feet at its highest point, Montserrat is made up of a multi-peaked rocky range that features an interesting form of sedimentary rock, which makes the mountain appear strikingly pink in color. It's a gorgeous sight to see, and its three main peaks are known as the Sant Jeroni, the Montgros and the Miranda de les Agulles. Geology buffs adore spending some time examining the mountain's unique rock formations, and mountain climbing is extremely popular on Montserrat. There are professional climbing guides nearby who will provide you with all of the necessary equipment for a safe and exciting climbing experience during your visit, and there are several different climbs available for everyone from beginners to serious climbers. Montserrat is an amazing mountain, but it's also much more than just that.

Montserrat Monastery

The Black Madonna Statue at MontserratThe Montserrat Monastery has sat proudly near the peak of the mountain since way back in the ninth century. It's a popular site for visitors, and many come to enjoy the intricate architecture or for religious purposes. The Black Madonna statue is a huge draw as well, and visitors also have access to daily masses, two museums, restaurants and shops. Popular features at the Montserrat Monastery include the opportunity to listen to the world-famous boy's choir that is known as 'L'Escolania. These talented choir members wake up the entire mountain with their beautiful voices joining together in the unusual type of singing that is known as Gregorian chanting, and there are two performances available to visitors each day. Art lovers are sure to appreciate the many incredible works of art that are on display in the museum, and you can expect to enjoy art from such greats as Picasso, Dali, Miro and El Greco. The second museum concentrates on the history of Montserrat and the monks who still reside there today.

Montserrat Natural Park

Declared a natural park in 1987, Montserrat is home to an amazing variety of natural growth and wildlife. Trails are numerous, and you'll find a walking path that is just right for those at any level of fitness. There are trails that are perfect for families with young children or those looking for a bit of a challenge or a good workout. It's simply beautiful, and any nature enthusiasts will enjoy some time exploring. Thanks to the unique climate, you'll find a variety of plants and vegetation growing together even though one may typically grow only in a dry environment and the other in a damp environment. It's very unusual, and around 1,250 species of plants are known to grow on the mountain. Volcano at Montserrat Animal lovers won't be disappointed, and you may expect to see an abundance of mountain goats, big cats, curious squirrels, families of pigs, geckos and salamanders. Birdwatchers will enjoy the many different types of birds and species of bats that thrive in the area as well.

The Villages

Four unique villages are situated throughout the Montserrat Natural Park. Known as Monistrol, El Bruc, Collbato and Marganell, these villages provide much in the way of architectural and historical points of interest. The locals are friendly, and you're welcome to thoroughly explore each village during your walk. You may even choose to spend a night in one of the villages before returning to your Barcelona villa.

Start Planning Your Barcelona Visit

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