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The exciting city of Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular vacation destinations, and there’s a never-ending supply of incredible activities to experience. One adventure that is absolutely perfect for those of every age group is a day spent at the highly respected Barcelona Zoo, which works hard to provide excellent care for every animal and education to the public on how to help all of the world’s animals survive. Visitors may expect to see some 7,500 animals that represent more than 400 species, several of which are endangered.

Special Activities

In addition to viewing the animals, there are several special activities that are open to zoo visitors. Come check out these popular options.

  • Rothschild GiraffeFeed the Penguins: Watch the excited reaction of the penguins when the keepers show up with buckets of fish, and you’ll see some wild flips and a few fun runs to catch the afternoon meal. As an added bonus, this activity attracts wild birds that include seagulls and egrets, and they don’t mind challenging the penguins for a bite to eat.
  • Dolphin Observation: Drop by the Zoo Dolphinarium, and a bottlenose dolphin may just leap out of the water to greet you. You’ll learn about their eating habits, how they communicate with each other and their human companions and the best ways to protect their environment out in the wild.
  • Elephant Experience: Meet Bully, Yoyo and Susi, three elephants who arrived at the zoo with severe behavioral problems. The entire staff worked with them and showered them with love, attention and great care to turn them into the sweethearts they are today, and you’ll see how they present their ears, trunk and feet to the handlers for cleaning without a bit of stress.

Zoo Camps for Kids

During the summer months and various other times of the year, special camps are set up for children to learn more about the wonderful world of animals. Several different types of camps are offered, and each includes time to see all of the animals, outdoor play, games, arts and crafts and lunch. These are just a few of the most popular zoo camps.

  • Animal Cuisine: Designed for children ages 5 to 13, this camp gives kids the opportunity to become a zoo chef. The program teaches everything that there is to know about each animal’s special diet, why it’s needed and how it’s made. Children may help prepare the food and assist in feeding such animals as penguins, turtles and parrots.
  • Little Explorers: Perfect for your most inquisitive youngsters ages 5 to 8, this camp utilizes games with clues that help the children use reasoning skills to figure out which animal that they’ll meet next. Flamingos, elephants and penguins are just a few of the zoo animals that will be visited and studied, and fun activities teach a variety of animal facts.
  • Animal Babies: Everyone loves cute little baby animals, and children ages 5 to 13 may see the new arrivals up close and personal and learn how the new mothers take care of their young. They’ll also participate in hands-on workshops that teach how each animal builds its own shelter, den or nest in preparation of their new arrival.
  • Animal Photography: This camp is great for children ages 10 to 13 who love both animals and photography. As the children explore the zoo, they’ll be taught several different photography techniques that will allow them to get great photos of every zoo creature.
  • Caretakers and Veterinarians: Barcelona Zoo works hard to ensure that each animal in residence receives excellent care, and this camp teaches children ages 5 to 13 everything that goes into caring for the animals properly. Participants will learn the specific needs of each species and all that the zoo employees do each day to see to their wellbeing. This includes the importance of clean enclosures, fresh food, appropriate shelter from the elements and regular visits from the veterinary staff.
  • SOS: Endangered Animals: Parents who want their children ages 5 to 13 to understand how our actions affect animals and the planet have just found the perfect camp. Such endangered animals as the otter, the brown bear and the monk seal are the focus, and the children will learn about the causes that have brought about this terrible plight for the animals. Most importantly, each child will come away with the understanding that they have the power to help change the world and make it better for both animals and humankind.

Get Your Tickets

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