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Morocco's exotic city of Marrakesh is filled with important historical landmarks, unbelievable palaces, luxurious gardens and an incredible square that houses a wonderful selection of thriving souks. You can absolutely set out to explore this amazing city on your own, but you might miss out on some great stuff without the benefit of a local guide. The best way to fully enjoy everything that this great city has to offer is to take one of these special tours so that you can truly immerse yourself in Marrakesh's rich history and incredible culture.

Full-Immersion Day Tour With Lunch

Available through Holiday Services Day Tours, this is the perfect tour for those who want to be sure to at least touch on all of Marrakesh's most important city offerings. The extraordinarily knowledgeable guide is the reason that this tour is so popular, and you can count on him to be an incredible storyteller when it comes to the colorful history behind each landmark. You'll have the opportunity to take photos and ask questions while hearing the history behind such incredible sites as the Bahia Palace, the Saadian tombs and the Koutoubia Mosque. You'll also be guided through the Dar el-Bacha, which is Marrakesh's biggest hammam, and through Jemaa el-Fnaa, the city's main square and marketplace. The best deals at the many souks will be pointed out to you, and you'll enjoy a lunch of traditional Moroccan cuisine in one of the best restaurants in the medina quarter.

Private Walking Tour

Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh, MoroccoIf you want to make the decisions about which locations you really want to see or simply don't want to share your tour with strangers, then this tour offered by Explore Morocco Travel is right for you. You may schedule a tour for as little as two people, and it's also great for families who are traveling with young children because it eliminates the need to keep up with an entire group of people. Choose a morning or afternoon tour, and you should expect to be walking through the city for about four hours. Comfortable shoes and strollers for the little ones are a must. The local guide will take you around to your favorite spots, or you can expect to explore the medina and the city's narrow streets, shop at the souks and visit the Jewish Quarter, the Bahia Palace, the Saadian tombs, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Koutoubia Mosque and the Jemaa el-Fnaa.

Marrakesh City Bike Tours

This tour is offered by the company of the same name, and you can be assured that the owners know it all when it comes to biking and the best ways to get around the city of Marrakesh. This is actually an easy city to explore by bike because it's completely flat with no need to struggle to make your way up any hills, and the guides choose the safest circuits for this mode of transportation. This tour is family friendly, and you'll be provided with excellent bikes and helmets in the right size for each family member. Expect to bike around the city for some three hours, and you may be assured that your guide will allow you to set the pace to whatever is comfortable for you. You'll stop by all of the greatest landmarks and historical sites and have plenty of time to check out the main marketplace. Bottled water is provided throughout the tour.

Berber Market

Marrakesh Souks Tour

Those who are most interested in the souks will want to choose this unique tour from Marrakesh Best Tours. A local guide is available to assist you in navigating through the narrow streets of the medina, and he will assist you in finding the items that you're interested in at the great many souks. Authentic Berber carpet, all manner of leather goods, wool, jewelry, pottery, handmade slippers, hand-sewn kaftans and artifacts made from bronze, iron and wood are all offered for purchase, and your guide will help you bargain for the best price possible. This company also offers half-day and full-day tours of all the city sights that may be combined with the souks tour, and all tours are private. Arrangements may be made to pick you up directly from your luxury vacation residence to enjoy these tours.

Fun Fact

Don't think for a minute that you've landed at the wrong destination when you arrive at the airport and everyone begins to welcome you to the “Red City” or the “Ocher City.” Marrakesh is often referred to by both of these names, and that's simply due to the fact that many of the city's walls and buildings were constructed with red sandstone between 1122 and 1123. Depending upon the time of the day, the light often reflects off of these buildings to color the city with a lovely pinkish or reddish hue.