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There are a great many ways for visitors to discover the magic of Morocco's incredible city of Marrakesh, and you may find your adventure much more exciting when you choose to explore by way of a traditional camel ride. The species of camel that is found in this area of the world is known as the dromedary, which has only one hump, and you'll be perfectly safe and comfortable with the custom-made saddle and thick blankets that cover the camel's back. You may schedule your camel riding experience with any of the trusted tour companies below, or those staying with us here at Exceptional Stays may choose to have our dedicated concierge team make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

Beautiful Road in Morocco

The name of this tour company says it all, and you can expect to enjoy the beauty of Marrakesh during your camel ride. The 1.5 hour journey is perfect for those who don't want to miss out on the experience of a camel ride but don't feel up to an overly long adventure. This ride takes you through the gorgeous Marrakesh palm grove, which boasts over 150,000 thriving palm trees, and you'll also have the opportunity to explore some traditional villages in the area. Even though this is a short tour, participants are allowed to stop at the midway point to stretch their legs and enjoy a traditional Moroccan mint tea with cookies. Your guides will give you all of the time that you want to walk around and take pictures, and they are also happy to take a picture of you with your camel.

Camel with Berber Tents, Morocco

Camel Safaris

This company offers a fabulous tour that is perfect for those who are up for something much more intense than a simple camel ride. Enthusiastic explorers will treasure this camel safari forever, and you'll journey into the Sahara Desert to the site of the incredible Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the highest dunes in all of Morocco, that surround the desert village of Merzouga. Participants also have the opportunity to enjoy an overnight experience right in the desert, and you'll be comfortably housed in an authentic Berber tent. Highlights include watching the sun rise from behind the sand dunes in the morning and fall gently behind them at night, and both provide a truly spectacular sight.

Those who enjoy bird sightings will adore the small lake that attracts a wide variety of desert and migratory birds, and you may expect to see pink flamingos, Egyptian night jars and desert warblers. Other desert animals that may make an appearance include hedgehogs, hares, the slender mongoose, Ruppell's fox, the addax (a deer-like animal) and maybe even a fast-moving cheetah or two. You may choose a camping adventure for a single night or up to four nights, and a delicious campfire dinner that is made up of traditional Moroccan dishes is included each night of your stay. Many couples take this tour for the romantic aspects of camping beneath the desert stars, but families are also welcome.

Morocco Inspiring Tours

If you're looking for something a little different for a romantic evening out, then you're sure to adore the camel sunset tour offered by this company. Your sweetie will never call you boring again after this inspired event, and you'll both enjoy seeing the sun set at the end of the day in the lovely Marrakesh palm grove. Your respective camels will be happy to stand side by side so that you can hold hands and share a kiss, and the night camel ride beneath the stars is a beautiful experience all by itself. This tour includes a stop at a Berber house for refreshments.

Sahara Tours

This company is extremely good about making your tour right for your specific needs. Whether you're a family traveling with young children or a group of adults in search of an adventure, you'll be provided with the perfect experience. Ask about a camel ride to either of the two popular sand dune areas, Erg Chegaga or Erg Chebbi, or to the nearby Agafay Desert, or you may sign up for one of the multi-day camel tours that takes you to Zagora or Merzouga. To ensure your comfort, it's best to determine the current Marrakesh weather conditions before considering an overnight excursion.

Fun Camel Facts

  • Camels are naturally designed to thrive in a desert climate, and most people know that camels can go for an extended period of time without stopping for a drink of water. However, what you may not be aware of is that when a camel does decide to have a drink that it can literally consume up to 53 gallons of water in as little as three minutes.
  • They may seem too big to move fast, but camels can actually run at speeds of 40 miles per hour. No worries though; they'll walk at a safe speed when carrying a rider.