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Punta Mita Area Information

In the state of Nayarit, just 45 minutes northwest of Puerto Vallarta’s newly expanded Gustavo Diaz Ortaz International Airport (PVR,) lies one of the most desirable enclaves in all of Mexico.  Punta Mita, which means “gateway to paradise,” is an exclusive beachfront village surrounded on three sides by some of the best coves and beaches that the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Sitting enviably at the northern hook of the Bay of Banderas, Punta Mita is one of the most beautiful and also accessible areas on the Riviera Nayarit, which comprises 200 miles of enchanting coastline north of Puerto Vallarta. It is here that currents of emerald water create private beaches, as well as endless adventures for the visitor— excellent deep sea fishing, whale watching, surfing, zipline adventures or tequila-tasting tours, to name a few. Choose your passion. The infinite possibilities in Punta Mita give residents their choice of experiences—from quiet solitude to intoxicating adventure.

Sharing the same latitude with the Hawaiian Islands, Punta Mita’s tropical and temperate climate is comfortable year round, surrounding guests with sunny days, gentle sea breezes and balmy evenings. The average temperature ranges between 75 degrees in winter and 85 in summer.

A small fishing village for decades, Punta Mita’s stellar surfing was eventually “discovered” and ended up drawing die-hard surfers to its pristine beaches and breaks. Realizing the real estate opportunity, Dine, the original developer of Punta Mita, started buying up land with the intention of creating a luxury vacation destination. As development ensued, the Punta Mita community stayed strong in their desire to keep the area low-key, hoping to maintain an “untouched” feel. And that is exactly what visitors get when they come to Punta Mita—the feeling that they are some of the first to “discover” this magical place.

The Riviera Nayarit has a rich history, dating back possibly as far as 2000 BC. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of at least six different cultures in the area. You can view some evidence of these cultures by heading to San Blas, just two hours north of Punta Mita to view ancient ruins. Still thriving in the nearby Sierra Madre Mountains lives the indigenous Huichol tribe, a deeply spiritual and artistic community of around 30,000 inhabitants.

Favorably lacking in high-rise hotels, Punta Mita offers options much more suitable for those who like privacy, luxury and relaxation. In fact, many Hollywood celebrities vacation in Punta Mita to get away from it all. You might cross paths with Vince Vaughn or Demi Moore while walking along the beach! There are several residential communities as well as Mexican-style villas designed for single families or larger groups. Guests and owners enjoy unique private access to some of the finest amenities including golf, tennis, the Apuana Spa, world-class restaurants and incredible swimming beaches.

Puerto Vallarta enjoys one of the most inspiring art communities in Mexico. Being only 45 minutes away, some of that artistic influence can be felt within Punta Mita. Revolving exhibits of fine Mexican art can be seen at either of the two main resorts in the area: The St. Regis or the Four Seasons. Additionally, ArteMita is a project inspired by local homeowners and curators of art and cultural events exclusively for Punta Mita residents and resort guests.

Punta Mita Area Day Trips

Many more opportunities await the visitor to the Riviera Nayarit. Within a short drive of Punta Mita are endless day trips available for those interested in history, art, or nature. (Or those just seeking more beach or hammock time!)

Sayulita: Colorful Surf Town

Just to the north of Punta Mita lies Sayulita, a lively surfing village popular but not overrun with tourists. Sayulita’s colorful streets are chock-full of outdoor restaurants, little shops and street vendors where you can buy anything from surf gear to handcrafted souvenirs to excellent tacos!

San Blas: Old World Charm

At the north end of the Riviera Nayarit lies the peaceful and lazy village of San Blas. Known for its old-world colonial vibe, San Blas is also a bird-watcher’s paradise. Home to eighty percent of North America’s migratory birds, San Blas is a perfect day trip for those looking to get a taste of old Mexico.

Tequila-Tasting Tours

Several hours by bus from Punta Mita is the town of Tequila, which shares its name with its world-famous spirit. Stroll among the agave fields while learning how tequila is made or sip various samples on a sunny patio in the one of the distilleries. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you will leave happy! Some say this region of Mexico is one of the last unspoiled places on Earth. Yet, you will not find yourself lacking in things to do. If you are the type who likes to sit on the beach, drink in hand, and observe the surf, Punta Mita is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you like to plan back-to-back adventures, Punta Mita will keep you busy! Whatever your passion, our staff can take care of all the details. Once you reach your luxury rental property, relax from your journey while you discuss the many possibilities open to you in Punta Mita.