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Since its inception in 2002, Exceptional Stays has had our owners’ best interest at heart, and it has been clear from our Mission Statement forward… “To provide the utmost care and diligence in maintaining the properties which are entrusted to us while at the same time achieving the financial goals to offset the cost of second home ownership.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, a beyond exceptional team, active marketing campaigns, strong SEO effort/web presence and a growth mind-set, our homeowners can depend on the entire Exceptional Stays team to have their asset’s best interest in mind and to keep their home at the forefront of the travel industry – standing prominently in front of both travelers and the experts within the travel industry.

Comprised of the best talent available in the vacation rental industry, each team member brings something unique to our core business, resulting in a dynamic and effective group which exudes professionalism and provides the best service available.

The accomplishments achieved by the Exceptional Stays team have allowed us to not only be the provider of choice for luxury rentals amongst some of the best travel professionals in the industry, but to also provide incredible experiences to the repeat guests we now call friends and family. With the over 85% of our rentals coming to us directly, we are able to not only foster a better, more personal relationship with each and every guest, but we are also able to save our owners the additional 20% commission payable to wholesalers and central reservations agents by securing direct bookings, instead of paying for referral services such as wholesalers or central reservations. This is a major advantage as most other local companies pay a 20% referral fee to these outlets in addition to collecting a full commission.

Prior to joining the Exceptional Stays portfolio, each home is put through a stringent inspection, ensuring that our portfolio showcases only the best homes around the world, regardless of size, and that those homes are both well-maintained and desirable to our target market – the luxury minded traveler.

We appreciate your interest, and thank you for choosing Exceptional Stays by Telluride Rentals to represent your home. Our history in outperforming our competition both in revenue to owner, guest satisfaction and property care stems from our close-knit team with a constant focus on being the best.

We are available on the phone and in our offices seven days a week.