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Top 3 Wildlife Splendors in Punta Mita

It’s that time of year again–the season for whale watching in the Riviera Nayarit. But it is coming to an end next month! You can experience these marvels of nature firsthand. Once a year, families of humpback whales grace Punta Mita’s waters with their breathtaking presence, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those lucky enough to enjoy it. The whale-watching season officially begins in early December and goes through April.

The best way to view these mammoth creatures, hands-down, is from the bough of a whale-watching boat, staffed with an experienced and knowledgeable crew. Feel the suspense as these experts recognize the turbulence from below the surface, which can only mean a whale is close by. These seasoned whale watching guides, while providing an incredible experience for viewers, still maintain a safe distance in order to preserve the whales’ natural life cycles. These majestic creatures can also be appreciated from the shores, along the coast from San Blas to Nuevo Vallarta. Imagine walking along a beautiful beach and being privy to what feels like one of nature’s secrets: a group of young, playful males leaping and slamming their bodies into the water to impress the females in their group.

Sea Turtles

Of the many countries who have increased their efforts in recent years to globally protect sea turtles, Mexico stands out among the top. Many of the Punta Mita and neighboring communities have come together to be on the forefront of these protective groups. Join the locals in their efforts to keep these species strong!


Sea turtles live most of their lives at sea (even mating); however the females must lay their eggs on land to hatch. What makes sea turtles so intriguing is that the females return to the exact geographic location where they were born in order to lay their eggs. Each spring, locals and tourists alike gather on the beaches in the Riviera Nayarit area to cheer on these tiny beings as they hatch and instinctively head toward the ocean to begin their marine lives. Feel like a kid again as you stand in the sand and urge these magical beings along! Specifically the local Olive Ridley turtle and the endangered Leatherback turtle make their annual pilgrimages to the Punta Mita area to lay their eggs. Connect with locals on where to find these hatches at Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita

Blue-footed Booby

The Marietas Island Marine Reserve, just off the northern coast of Banderas Bay, is a natural breeding habitat for the thousands of blue-footed boobies who make this unique place their home. Even for the most inexperienced of bird watchers, these birds are a lot of fun to watch and will make you feel like you’ve discovered a great secret! They are easy to spot because the males dance an elaborate mating jig by lifting their feet up and down, in order to impress the females. You can also view these feathered missiles diving from high cliffs into the water below with barely a splash. In addition to seeing the blue-footed booby on a birding tour, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an underwater paradise by taking a snorkeling tour, where you and your family can swim with more than 100 species of fish. If you’re lucky you might also run across some of the other interesting sea creatures who live in these depths: giant manta rays, sea turtles, zebra eels, octopus, and more! You will quickly understand why Jacques Cousteau fell in love with this place and quickly set forth to protect it. Whether you’re excitedly awaiting a humpback whale’s splash a few hundred feet from your boat, cheering with the locals as baby turtles head to the sea, or peacefully snorkeling the quiet depths around the Marieta Islands Preserve, we guarantee you will experience nature in a way that can only be done firsthand.

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