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Isla Marietas National Park

Those vacationing in beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico, sometimes have trouble fitting everything they want to do into their fun and busy schedule. While you certainly don’t need to leave this incredible beachfront village to enjoy your luxury tropical vacation to the fullest, there is definitely one place that you must make time to visit before you return home. Isla Marietas National Park is a short, beautiful boat trip away, and this magical spot simply must not be missed.

About Isla Marietas National Park

Volcanic activity formed these islands many thousands of years ago. Because they remained uninhabited, they were used for military testing by the Mexican government in the 1900s. In the 1960s, prominent scientist Jacques Cousteau recognized the islands and the marine ecosystem that surrounded them as a true ecological marvel. In deference to the public outcry that followed, the government ceased military testing and eventually protected the islands by naming them a national park with no fishing or hunting allowed.

What to Expect

Located in Banderas Bay, Isla Marietas National Park is now an immensely popular attraction for locals and visitors alike with hundreds of people visiting it daily. You will have no trouble finding a boat to take you over to enjoy this amazing location because a number of day-tour operators set out from Punta Mita regularly with this destination in mind. Plan to spend the day because you will find much to do.

  • Explore the Islands: Isla Marietas National Park is actually made up of a group of small islands that are neat to explore. You will have the opportunity to see some incredible caves and rock formations that were formed by the previous bombings and explosions. A nice array of lizards, iguanas and turtles will be there to greet you as well.

  • Incredible Bird-Watching Opportunities:Enthusiastic bird watchers will want to be sure to bring along their binoculars and camera because the park provides the perfect sanctuary for up to 92 species of birds. You may spot the blue-footed booby, which can only be found on the Islands of the Sea of Cortez and the Galapagos Islands. You will also find Mexico’s largest breeding colony of the white-capped marine swallow, the laughing seagull, and the band-tailed swallow.
  • Excellent Snorkeling and Scuba-Diving Conditions: Because no fishing is allowed from the park islands, you will find an abundance of marine life to enjoy in the surrounding clear waters. Expect to see thousands of species of beautifully colored tropical fish, octopus, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and humpback whales.
  • Spectacular Hidden Beach: Created by chance due to the collapse of the volcanic rock, this incredibly beautiful area is also known as Playa del Amor or Beach of Love. Accessible only during low tide, visitors may only reach this area by swimming through a short tunnel. Even those who are a little claustrophobic will be glad that they braved the swim to experience this amazing secluded paradise.

Important Information

It’s important that you don’t give in to the urge to rent a boat to take yourself over to the park islands. Due to safety and environmental issues, it’s important that an experienced guide take you on the tour. Also, as a protected national park, the local Environmental Offices must approve the boats that may legally approach the area.

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