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Interior Design Tips for Vacation Rental Homes

There’s something incredible about walking into a house that’s not your own and feeling right at home. The right vacation rental can do just that—in no time, you’ll be sitting on the couch with your feet up and a glass of wine in hand. How do renters do it? A great majority of that comfortability comes from the interior decorating. However, they need to be careful; too much makes guests feel cramped, while bare walls leave them feeling like an outsider. So, how do you get it just right? Below, we outline some of our favorite big-picture interior design tips for vacation rental homes.

Decide on a Theme

One of the biggest things you can do for your vacation rental home is to decide on a theme to center your décor and furnishings around. This will not only help you make more informed décor decisions but will bring a distinct personality to the home. While you’re making this decision, be sure to pay attention to the guests you’re catering to (families, solo travelers, group vacationers, backpackers, etc.). Further, consider the property’s surroundings for location-specific design cues. Once you decide on a theme, furniture choices and the like will be much easier. Trendy themes include breezy and blue for a beach rental or sleek and ultra-modern look for a city apartment.

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Great furniture can do wonders for creating a rental home that guests will love. If your furniture is stingy, uncomfortable, and flashy, it will disrupt the home’s entire atmosphere, even if your small details are spot on. For those on a budget, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you invest in quality furniture that won’t wear and tear. Aim for neutral pieces that you can spruce up with little details. Don’t skimp on the quality linens and warm blankets either—your guests will thank you for it.

Create a Layout

Now that you’ve decided on your furniture, you need to make sure that you’re sticking a layout—don’t just fill your rooms with furniture that has no purpose. Before you bring the furniture in, put some thought into how guests will use the space during their stay. Arrange your seating around a central point, such as a coffee table, fireplace, or rug. Make sure that you’re creating a layout and atmosphere that facilitates conversation and brings warmth into the room.

Say No to Clutter

You may think it’s quirky or quaint, but too much stuff is a huge issue in vacation rental interior design. In a sense, you can think about it as a hotel. You don’t want guests to feel like they’re intruding on your personal space, and when you have a lot of stuff floating around, it will likely feel that way. Personal effects remind guests that they’re staying in someone else’s home, which is not what’s needed on a trip. That said, make sure to organize your space so it doesn’t look messy or chaotic—decorations are good, but look at it through the guest’s eyes. Do your best to create a neutral space where people can unwind.

Play with Wall Color

A large aspect of a solid interior design scheme is the wall color. Though a neutral wall is always a good option, you can switch it up every now and then to provide your home with some much-needed personality. Sticking to that grand-scope theme, wall colors are another way of decorating your home. Try a family room with blue walls that will make your guests feel calm or a deep purple in a bedroom to encourage confidence. Whether you go for all four walls or just a statement wall, playing with the paint color is a simple way to add design to the home. Keep in mind, if you go for big colors, you’ll want to limit color in the other decoration and furnishing in the room.

Keep it Clean

This may not specifically be a design tip, but it’s definitely important for the big-picture success of your vacation rental home. No guest wants to walk into a home that’s disorganized, cluttered, and dirty. This involves more than just sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down counters; you want to keep the furniture, linens, and décor clean as well. When in doubt, go for a high-design minimalist approach, or a “clean” look. As for the actual cleanliness of the property, linens and furniture need to be a top priority. Check all bedding for stains and wash them after every single guest. You want people to leave reviews of supreme cleanliness.

Create Intimate Spaces

Try to create a space in the house where guests can feel their most relaxed. There, of course, should be congregation areas as we mentioned above, but there should also be private spots where guests can find solitude. This may take the form of a side porch swathed in natural light or a cozy vintage daybed in the living room corner. As you create this area, keep relaxation in mind as you furnish and decorate the space to ensure guests fall in love with your rental. Whatever you choose to do, it’s just another fantastic way to add personality to the property—don’t skimp out on this.

With these tips, you’ll perfect your guests’ haven in no time! Stay tuned for our upcoming post about detail-oriented interior design tips for vacation rental homes. We’ll discuss how small aspects can elevate the interior design and how beneficial it will be to pay attention to the little things.

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