hiking in telluride

Hiking in Telluride

The rugged terrain and picturesque mountains attract travelers worldwide to the hiking trails in Telluride, Colorado. There are many daring hiking adventures in Telluride that will challenge and amaze even the most seasoned hikers. That’s why the Exceptional Stays team has put together our favorite hiking trails in Telluride for people new to the area. 

As locals, we prefer the more dauntless and thrilling Telluride hiking trails. If you are looking for a laid-back but still stunning hiking experience, you can check out our blog on the best beginner hikes in the area. We hope this list helps you have either the trip of your dreams or helps you get accustomed to the area.

Sneffels Highline Trail

Inexperienced hikers should be cautious of this 12.4-mile-long trail that takes an estimated eight hours to complete. The challenge is worth it as many travelers have called this the most beautiful hike of their life. The breathtaking scenery is indescribable of mountain views, floral meadows, and waterfalls. The best timeframe to visit this trail is from May through October. You can look at the trail map here. 

Lewis Lake

Lewis Lake is one of the most popular hiking trails in Telluride, but the hike is pretty challenging. It is 11.3-miles long and should take around six and a half hours to complete depending on your skill level and how often you stop for pictures. Some magnificent views on this hiking journey are dazzling waterfalls, remnants of Telluride, Colorado mining history, and hillsides adorned with wildflowers. You can view the trail map here.

Lizard Head Trail

While the first few miles of this hiking trail are well-maintained, the terrain quickly becomes rocky and hard to navigate. We recommend you have poles and sturdy boots while venturing on this challenging trail that will take you into the Lizard Head Wilderness. Before your hiking journey, please familiarize yourself with the Leave No Trace Principles to keep the glorious Colorado wildlife pristine and untouched by man. The trail is 18.4-miles long and will take around 11 hours to complete. The best timeframe to visit this trail is between June and September. You can view the trail map here.

Blue Lakes Top

Blue Lakes Trail

A very popular hiking spot and for good reason. The trailhead is located about 9 miles out of town on a gravel road that can be accessed with a car. It is about 3.6 miles from the trail-head to the top and is one of the more strenuous and difficult uphill hikes in the area. However, it is completely worth the it as the trail leads up to a magical alpine lake and offers jaw-dropping views and plenty of waterfalls along the way. Get more info here.

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