Some 5 million people from all around the globe choose the Dominican Republic as their tropical vacation destination each year, and many of that number head directly to incredible Cap Cana for their entire stay. Cap Cana is today’s premier destination for the world’s elite, and it just keeps getting better with each passing year. Read further to learn a bit more about how Cap Cana was created to provide the ultimate in a luxury tropical vacation experience.

Unique Beginnings

While most histories read like an action novel with conflicts, horrible wars that reduce the area to ashes and constant changes in ownership, Cap Cana began life calmly and fairly recently in 2001 when a company decided to turn 6,200 acres of the Dominican Republic’s eastern shores into one of the world’s most fabulous tropical vacation destinations. Much has been accomplished to make this dream come true, and these are just a few of the major highlights of Cap Cana over the past 16 years.


From the beginning, the plan for Cap Cana included the installation of world-class golf courses that would incorporate the sea and the natural landscape to make them among the most beautiful and challenging courses on the planet. During this time, golf legend Jack Nicklaus signed on to design the very first course in the development. Boating, water activities and fishing were also considered to be of the utmost importance, and the construction of the Marina Cap Cana was also begun.


Construction begins on the the first luxury accommodations.


Construction begins on the premier Punta Espada Golf Course.


Huge crowds turn out for the grand opening of the Punta Espada Golf Course and the prestigious Caleton Beach Club.


Cap Cana continues to evolve, and after six long years of construction, the grand opening of the Marina Cap Cana is held. The Heritage School also opens at this time and begins welcoming students.


The Punta Espada Golf Course has the honor of hosting the Cap Cana Championship, which is an official PGA Champions Tour tournament.


Cap Cana’s lovely Juanillo Beach hosts the first International Beach Polo Match, and the Punta Espada Golf Course once again hosts the Cap Cana Championship.


The openings of both the UNIBE Cap Cana and the Scape Eco-Adventure Park are celebrated. A successful fishing tournament is held at the Marina Cap Cana, the second International Beach Polo Match is held and the Punta Espada Golf Course hosts the Cap Cana Championship once again.


At its 10-year mark, Cap Cana’s Punta Espada Golf Course is formally recognized by Golf Weekly as the top golf course in the Caribbean and all of Mexico and the 35th best golf course in all of North, South and Central America.


The Marina Cap Cana becomes a part of the official Billfish Foundation.


This year sees Cap Cana become even more accessible with the opening of the Coral Highway that easily connects Cap Cana with Santo Domingo with a pleasant two-hour drive.


Cap Cana hosts the HEAT Latin Music Awards, and $14 million is put up to renovate the Caleton Beach Club.


The equestrian center of Los Establos opens, and it hosts the DR Polo Challenge and the Paso Fino World Championship. Cap Cana once again hosts the HEAT Latin Music Awards.


This year marks the arrival of the very first cruise ship to Cap Cana, and Los Establos hosts the first FCBEscola Las Americas International Soccer Tournament. Some 15,000 people from all around the globe converge on Cap Cana for the Paradise Music Festival, and the HEAT Latin Music Awards are held once again.


The first edition of the Regata Cap Cana is held, and Los Establos hosts the second annual FCBEscola Las Americas International Soccer Tournament. The Punta Espada Golf Course also hosts the fifth Cap Cana Golf Cup.

About the Name

Cap Cana is situated between Cabo Engano and Cabo San Rafael in an area that is known as La Majagua, which is a chain of capes. It’s also home to a great number of beautiful cana palm trees. These two facts together led to the name Cap Cana.

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