5 Creative Ways to Gift Holiday Renters

The holiday season is right on our tails, which means that holiday travel is upon us as well. Even though a lot of people choose to spend the holidays at home, some will spend their winter vacations traveling to new destinations. If that’s the case, then it’s your job to make their experience memorable.

One of our favorite ways to create this memorable experience is by leaving them a friendly gift. Take a look at these creative ways to gift holiday renters—they’ll love it and you won’t regret it!

Make a Festive Basket

One of our favorite ways to gift holiday renters is with a sweet, festive basket. It can be as big or small as you wish, as it will show guests you want them to enjoy their stay. No matter what the holiday is—fourth of July, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter—make the basket fit the theme. Do your best to make it tasteful, so it can fit a variety of guest’s personalities. In a Christmas basket, for example, add a few bottles of wine, a nice blanket, and some holiday cookies.

Offer Local Business Discounts

If you’re close with some local business owners, ask if you can have a few exclusive discounts for your renters. Work with them to offer a small discount to your guests who order food or drinks at their establishment. Place them nicely on the counter next to your welcome book and get ready for some grateful reviews!

Provide Decorations

Another great way to “gift” renters is to allow them to make your space feel a little more like home. Various holidays seem even more festive when decorations are a part of it, so make sure you give your renters that same festive flair. For Christmas, provide a tree with ornaments. For Halloween, set out a few bats and spooky pieces. These can help your home feel more comfortable for your renters!

Homemade Deliveries

We love this idea, especially for those with a smaller rental business. If you have guests during the holidays, try to make homemade good deliveries during their stay. From morning muffins to evening bottles of wine, these little deliveries are a sweet way to showcase your happiness for guests.

Give Access to Sitters

Our final gift is that of babysitters. When you have families staying at your home over the holidays, give them the information for a trusted baby sitter to use. When the adults need some time to relax or just have a night of fun for themselves, this gift is sure to come in handy. Try it out for a spin—guests will likely cherish your property for it!

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