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The perfect tropical vacation destination depends on the promise of great weather, and the Dominican Republic's incredible Cap Cana definitely has that covered. Thanks to its fabulous location on the eastern shores of the DR, visitors will discover plenty of sunshine and comfortable air and water temperatures all year long. Read on to learn a bit more about what each month has to offer so that you can better plan the best Cap Cana vacation ever.


Average Conditions

While the DR in general offers an average temperature of some 77 degrees, things are a bit warmer in Cap Cana with an average temperature of around 79 degrees. Its tropical savanna climate offers an abundance of sunshine and only a small amount of rainfall that occurs in short showers that won't ruin anyone's day at the beach.

The Hottest Months

Cap Cana's hot season runs for a full six months from May to October, and August tends to be the warmest month with average high temperatures of 87 degrees and a record high of 94 degrees. August lows usually fall to around 76 degrees. May is the coolest of the hot summer months with average highs around 85 degrees and lows around 73 degrees. June and July boasts average highs of 86 degrees and lows of 75 to 76 degrees, and the average highs in September and October also stay around 86 degrees with lows from 74 to 75 degrees.

The Coolest Months

Of course, there is no cold weather in Cap Cana, but the months of November though April bring the coolest temperatures to be found in this incredible tropical climate. January is traditionally the coolest month with average high temperatures of 81 degrees and a record high of 87 degrees. Lows in January usually hit an average of 71 degrees. November is the warmest of the cooler months with average highs of 84 degrees and lows of 73 degrees, and the average highs fall to 82 degrees in December with lows of around 72 degrees. February through April sees average highs of 81, 82 and 83 degrees respectively and lows of 71 to 72 degrees.

Average Rainfall

October is traditionally Cap Cana's wettest month with some 5.9 inches of rain over a period of around 11 days, and March is the driest month with 2.1 inches of rain over a period of six days.

Full Days of Sunlight

The sun shines bright every day in Cap Cana, and you'll enjoy full 10-hour days of sunlight in the months of April, July and August. That falls to nine hours of sunlight each day from January through March, May through June and September through October, and November and December offer eight hours of sunlight each day.

Average Sea Temperatures

Water activities are hugely popular in the clear waters that surround Cap Cana, and that's largely due to the comfortable water temperatures that exist throughout the year. Water temperatures reach an average of 84 degrees at their highest from August to October and are at their lowest at some 79 degrees from February to March. The water temperature rises to 81 degrees from December to January and again from April to May and rises to 82 degrees from June through July and again in November.

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