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12 Mar 2020

A strong first impression is one of the best ways to ensure a happy guest. The first thing your guests see, whether online or when they get to the property, is the exterior of the home. They’ll take a look at the house itself, the color of the house, the door, the porch—but they’ll also look at the landscaping. A beautiful house’s overall quality goes way down when paired with tall, dry grass or overgrown bushes. Make sure your property’s curb appeal is a win by introducing some of these tips for landscaping your vacation rental property.

Mow Often, or Choose Artificial Turf

If a guest sees overgrown grass or an unkempt yard, their rating of your rental will almost certainly go down. Prevent that by mowing your lawn consistently and keeping it at a standard length throughout the year. If you know that you aren’t going to have time to mow or that the grass doesn’t stay lush without some work, opt for artificial turf instead.

Prune Hedges and Trees

Similarly, overgrown hedges and trees won’t look good to guests, either. Regular pruning will keep the landscaping looking nice and orderly, and it also encourages healthy growth for the plants. Keep in mind the species of your hedges and trees, as different plants must be pruned at different times during the year.Landscape Telluride luxury vacation rental

Utilize Rocks

Rocks go beautifully with greenery and bring an additional layer of texture to the overall look of the yard. Use rocks to line the path to the door, or scatter some larger boulders in the flower garden. It’s a sweet touch that may not seem like much, but it really improves the overall design.Landscaping luxury Telluride vacation rental with rocks

Add Some Curves to Your Design

You may be all about symmetry in your home, but when it comes to your landscaping, you’ll need to try to let go of that mentality. Curves have such power when it comes to landscaping design—your walkway could be winding rather than straight; your flower beds could jut forward in some spots rather than narrow. No matter where you choose to incorporate these curves, they’ll add variety to a universe that’s usually quite square. Curves also give your landscaping a unique touch that guests will appreciate.

Use Native Plants and Flowers

One of the most important tips for landscaping your vacation rental property is to choose the right plants and flowers. Make sure to pick native plants and flowers; you’ll want to avoid tropical plants and other non-native plant species, as those will require special care to keep them looking their best. You can lower the yard’s maintenance requirements by choosing plant and floral species that adapt well to the local environment. Enlist the assistance of a local garden center or landscape designer to ensure you’re picking the right species and the right bursts of color for the home.Landscaping with flowers

Enjoy the process of coming up with the right landscape design for your property. A first impression of beauty and care will truly improve the guest experience. Once you’ve figured out your landscaping and you’re ready for guests to visit, turn to Exceptional Stays, the best place for property management of Telluride. We’ll make sure the hard work you put into the landscaping and the rest of the home doesn’t go unnoticed. Reach out now!