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7 Jan 2020

There’s something incredibly cozy about a winter vacation in a snowy locale. Though a lot of people would prefer a trip in January to a sunny beach, the comfort of the holidays can continue when you book a trip to a snowy location. Draw guests into your vacation rental by providing them with luxurious amenities. Take a look at some top-rated upgrades to make your rental more marketable in the winter. Let your guests know your property is the place to go for an extra cozy vacation with these upgrades!


The number one amenity your winter vacation home needs is a fireplace. One, two, even five fireplaces will ooze comfort to guests. If you can, install fireplaces into your property to get more bookings. If you do, make sure you have ample firewood when guests arrive so that everything they need is on the property.Living area with fireplace

Heated Floors

This may not be possible for many vacation rental owners, as it can be a bit pricy. However, it’s well worth it if, especially if your property is in a pretty consistently chilly location. Heated floors are an investment, so though the price may seem steep, your guests will love it. You could also install it only in a few areas—the bathrooms and living room are top choices.

Hot Tub & Sauna

If you can market your home as a spa-home, you’ll have a booked calendar year-round. When you upgrade your home to include some of the top home amenities, you’ll show your guests how much you care about their comfort. For example, adding in hot tubs (yes, plural is better), a sauna, steam showers, and luxurious bathrooms will draw in guests looking for an uber soothing vacation.Telluride luxury rental with sauna

Snow Sporting Equipment

If your vacation rental is near the mountains, make sure you offer some snow sporting equipment for guests. When skis, boots, helmets, and the like are available to guests, it will improve their experience—especially for those who may not have planned on partaking in these activities. If you can, you should also think about providing sleds, tubes, and maybe even snowmobiles!

Snow Removal Services

Another key upgrade that your winter vacation rental needs are snow removal services. Make sure to provide a snowblower and shovel for the guests, and otherwise ensure you or someone who will clear snow for your visitors. If your guests don’t have to worry about it, the better the experience they’ll have.

Garage Parking

Parking is a simple amenity that guests will expect. But what will elevate your property slightly higher is garage parking. And if you can make it a heated garage, even better! Just like guests don’t want to worry about snow removal, they don’t want to worry about cleaning off their cars either.Luxury vacation rental with garage parking

Extra Comfort Items

Another simple thing to do for your guests is to provide extra comfort items. A few examples are as follows: Extra blankets (a few heated and/or weighted options)

  • Plush robes and slippers
  • Game and theater rooms
  • Hot chocolate and other cozy food items

Think about it this way—if you were planning an uber comforting, luxurious vacation, what would you need to have a perfect weekend? If your home is missing any items on that list, add them in.

Once you set up your home to meet your dream standards, turn to Exceptional Stays. Your go-to property management company of Telluride, we can make sure these upgrades don’t go unnoticed. Reach out now!