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18 Oct 2019

Family vacations are quite overwhelming to plan—from finding a large enough house that fits the kids and their things to sticking to at least a semblance of a budget. When you plan a trip to Telluride or any other adventurous spot, there are a few different things to keep in mind. With careful planning, you can ensure that you still have an exciting and safe trip. Take a look at these simple tips for planning a family vacation—your vacation planning never seemed so easy!

Create a Packing List

Before you even think about going on your trip, you need to figure out a packing list. Especially when it comes to traveling with younger children, packing lists help prevent nightmarish travel experiences. Forgotten items are a major stressor for anyone on a trip, and a packing list will save that from happening. Take the time to sit down and write a list that’s tailored to your own family’s specific needs—it’ll make the trip easier for everyone.

Find the Right Accommodation

One of the biggest stressors while planning a family trip comes from figuring out the right accommodation. Vacation rentals are recommended for family trips, since they can save you money and offer more space for your family. For example, Telluride has several lodging options for families, but more often than not rental condos and homes provide a better option. Homey places are more comfortable, especially if you’re traveling with younger children.Telluride luxury rental for family vacation

Visit the Doctor Before

Another task that must be done before you go, a doctor’s visit lessens the chances of sickness while you’re gone. No matter how near or far you travel, make sure your family is in good health. General checkups are enough for domestic travel, but if you’re planning any international trips, make sure that you get any special medications or vaccinations before you go.Family doctor check-up

Keep Plans and Activities Light

You may feel the need to fill your trip with different activities and events, but when you travel as a family, the lighter the schedule, the better. Even though destinations like Telluride are full of fun things to do, a packed vacation will add stress, not alleviate it. Planning one or two “big things” to do during the day will be easier.Family rafting near Telluride

Follow Your Child’s Lead

If you leave time and avoid packing your itinerary full of activities, you give your children the opportunity to find something of their own to enjoy. If you really want your children to enjoy the vacation, then you need to leave time for them. A mistake many parents make before their first big family vacation is not listening to their children. You don’t have to push through that activity—rest if need be; you’ll like the downtime, too.

Do at Least One Memorable Thing

One of the best feelings as a parent is the lingering excitement in your child once you get back from the trip. If you want them to remember it for a long time, then you need to plan at least one memorable thing during the trip. Whether it’s a picnic at the top of the mountains, or a day at their favorite adventure park, there are so many ways to make your trip memorable. If you decide to take your next family vacation to Telluride, stay at one of our Telluride, CO, rentals. We have what you need for an unforgettable family trip!