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26 Aug 2019

Each year, on Labor Day Weekend, Telluride puts on the magnificent Telluride Film Festival. The small darling mountain village triples in size, gorging from the swell of passionate film enthusiasts. For four days, people fall in and out of love with cinematic masterpieces. This year’s film festival will begin on Friday, August 30 and end on Labor Day—Monday, September 2. Read on as we delve deeper into what you need to know about the Telluride Film Festival.

What’s Behind the Show

Telluride’s most iconic festival debuted in 1973, and ever since then, it’s been a gathering place for film buffs and industry professionals alike. Many people may only be aware of prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance; however, Telluride offers an event dedicated to the love of the craft and strives to honor legendary filmmakers and new talent. Salmon Rushdie explains the festival perfectly:

“There are two kinds of film festival: there are the mega-hyped, hoopla-infested selling circuses, and there is Telluride. It is extraordinarily exciting, in this age of the triumph of capitalism, to discover an event dedicated not to commerce, but to love. And if that sounds old fashioned and starry-eyed, so be it. The cinema was always in the business of gazing at stars.” Though the festival keeps the film schedule a secret, it’s never a surprise to see some festival favorites become Oscar picks the next season. The glorious weekend abounds with creativity, community, and an endless supply of magic—it’s something people are lucky to experience.People enjoying the Telluride Film Festival

Past Successes

The following films have gone on to either receive a nomination for or win Oscars and other great regards.

  • Juno
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • The Crying Game
  • Roma

These are just a few of the many films that have won over festival attendants. Last year alone, the films played here totaled 35 Oscar nominations.

What to Expect

Expect to see some absolutely stunning films that leave you craving for more. Apart from that, the weekend boasts various guest speakers, symposiums, meet and greets with stars, and discussions. Most importantly, expect to delve into an “unabashed carnival of film,” where there is no competition, no red carpet, no press screenings, and no prizes. Rather, this festival is simply the viewing of, talking about, and breathing into the cinema world.

They will feature more than 50 programs screened in 10 venues. Plus, the most popular of the films—according to pass holder demand—will replay throughout the weekend. You’ll want to get your passes as soon as possible to see the best of them.

Festival Passes

For this film festival, there are four separate passes one can obtain: Cinephile, Acme, Festival, or Patron. These passes range in programs allowed, entrance to picnics, first-come/first-seated abilities, and more. If, however, you do not purchase a pass, you may still be able to enter the films—it just depends on seating availability. If you can make the investment, the festival passes are definitely the way to go.Film at Telluride Film Festival

Where to Stay

If you’re thinking of attending this festival, you can find the perfect Telluride vacation rentals from Exceptional Stays. We have homes in the town of Telluride as well as the equally accessible Mountain Village. Create a weekend you’ll never forget, at a place you’ll never want to leave.