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24 Jul 2019

Your vacation rental is important to you. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making it the luxurious getaway so many people dream about. If the home is so important to you, then the guest reviews and ratings should be important as well. You may find yourself wondering what’s the big deal about reviews? The fact is, reviews play a large role in getting people to click on your property—and follow through with renting it.

In fact, the importance of good vacation rental reviews can be quantified with the following statistic. According to Search Engine Land, “68 percent off consumers form an opinion by reading one to six reviews.” This opinion can be hard to sway when it’s so directly correlated to another individual’s experience. Thus meaning that a good review is quite vital to your property doing well on the market. Below we’ll discuss a few other reasons that showcase the importance of vacation rental reviews. Read on to see what can make or break the success of your Telluride luxury rentals.

Importance of Vacation Rental Reviews

Reviews Establish Trust

With 68% of consumers paying such close attention to reviews, it goes to show how much people trust that feedback. Therefore, the more reviews you have, the more your bookings you’ll receive since people are trusting in the review—therein trusting in you. Reviews will confirm that you’re a credible place to rent from, which is definitely something you want.Trusting business relationship

Reviews Provide Insight

One of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself is take in constructive criticism, and at its base level, that’s what reviews are. They give you much-needed insight into how your home and what you’ve done for it comes off to the people that rent it. Vacation rental reviews will point out any issues that need solving before they become a problem that reduces rental rates. The minor things that you may not have thought of can be brought up, allowing you the opportunity to truly improve renter satisfaction.

Reviews Prove What You Claim

You may say on your sight that the house has everything a renter could want, or that you’re there for a renter’s every need, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The hesitation trusting a company is something a lot of people have, and reviews are a wonderful way to sort through the truth-tellers and the over-sellers. Good reviews will prove the claims that you’re making, which will be quite helpful for you in the long run.Knightsbridge luxury vacation rental perfect kitchen in Telluride

Positive Reviews Generate Positive Reviews

It makes sense—the more positive reviews you get, the more they’ll keep on coming. Renters that have done their research are going to be even further inclined to leave a positive review. This also relies upon a good experience for them as well, and once that happens they’re sure to want to put that out there.

In general, reviews help you get more bookings. These four different reasons show the importance of vacation rental reviews—make sure you’re doing what you can to generate those reviews. Check out some of Exceptional Stays’ reviews, here!