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20 Oct 2019

Screening your vacation rental guests is an important task to take care of before you let them into your property. You spent the time and money to create a unique home that provides the best experience possible for your guests, so you need to make sure you’re only letting in guests who will treat your property with respect. Most travelers will respect your home and comply with the policies you have in place, but unfortunate cases may still occur. To lessen the chance of that happening, we’ve come up with a guide on how to screen your vacation rental guests with a few important questions you should ask yourself. Check them out below!

Questions to Ask Yourself When Screening Guests

Will Guests Follow Your House Policies?

Before you even think about renting out your property, you need to set ground rules and policies about what is and is not allowed. If someone asks to bring their pet along with them but your policies clearly state that no pets are allowed, then you need to let them know that your policies are firm. If they cancel their booking, that’s okay. It’s better that all guests follow your rules—after all, you set them for a reason.Dog ruining luxury vacation rental

Do the Names Match?

One of the simplest ways to screen guests is to figure out whether the names match up. If the name on the credit card and the name on the reservation are different, then that may be a red flag for a follow-up. You’ll often find the same last name with a varying first name, but that’s typically a spouse or a family member. If, however, you see a completely different name, it’s better to reach out to the guest and clarify who is staying at the property.

Are the Guests Underage?

Another important question centers on the age of your guests. A lot of rental places have a minimum booking age of 25, and it’s important to stick to whatever age requirement you set. Many underage travelers will ask about this policy (“I’m only 18; can I still book this property?”), and if that’s the case, then it’s easy to turn away the youngsters. However, some people won’t ask, so it’s important to verify to be safe. @edu email addresses can often indicate someone’s age. Anyone you suspect of being under your age requirement should supply a valid photo ID and state their purpose for the trip.Underage renters at luxury vacation rental

Did They Book Last-Minute?

Most vacationers plan their trips ahead of time, so a very late booking can point to fraudulent visitors. Last-minute trips don’t always mean fraudulent vacationers, of course, but it’s something you should watch out for nonetheless.

Should I Set Up a Phone Call?

Once you’ve asked yourself the above questions, think about setting up a phone call if you find any red flags. During this phone call, you should ask both specific and open-ended questions to work out the truth regarding any of these red flags. If your gut still tells you to act with caution, do so. Trust your instincts—it will be better for you and your property in the long run.Homeowner of vacation rental in Telluride on phone with renter

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