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20 Jul 2019

So you’ve taken all the necessary steps for bringing your home to a more luxurious level by adding all the lush amenities anyone could want. That’s a big deal! In fact, many people did just that last year: according to Statista, “In 2018, the total home improvement sales in the United States amounted to 394 billion U.S. dollars.”

Since you’ve put all that hard work into your home, the end results are sure to be amazing. After you’ve made all those big changes, there just a few more things you need to do before your property is ready to rent—we’ve listed out five of them below.

1. Service and Test Appliances

You don’t want any renter to come in and discover that a necessary appliance doesn’t work, so make sure to test every appliance in the home beforehand. If the microwave doesn’t actually warm anything up, then you’ll need to fix or replace it. Clean out the dryer vents, check the water heater, and perform repairs on any appliances that need attention.Workers fixing fridge in Telluride

2. Spruce Up the Landscaping

This may not seem all that important, but if you’ve done a lot of work to the home’s interior, then you’ll want the outside to match that aesthetic—especially since the exterior and the yard are the first things your guests will notice. Add some flowers and shrubs, and make sure to cut the grass the day before the guest arrives. Make a wonderful first impression with a beautiful yard.

3. Repair, Fix, and Paint

Double-check that all baseboards, cabinets, and the like are in good shape. Fill any holes, touch up any damaged paint, and fix any squeaky floorboards or sticky drawers. These small things add up, so take care of them in order to keep your home looking fresh and lavish.Repainting exterior of home in Telluride

4. Hire to Professional to Deep Clean

You may have scrubbed down the countertops and vacuumed the carpet, but to ensure a truly sparkling home, hire a pro to professionally clean your home’s interior. They’ll scrub away at baseboards, clean out the fridge, and more. Guests will really appreciate walking into an impeccably clean home. Make sure you do this after each guest leaves to ensure all dirt is removed.

5. Re-Key or Change the Locks

Finally, the most important step to take when getting your property ready to rent is to re-key or change the locks after each guest, on the off-chance that a guest still has a set of keys. Better yet, you should think about installing a keypunch so that all you’ll have to do is reprogram it once a guest leaves.keypad lock on luxury property rental in Telluride

Once you’ve completed all these steps, your property is ready to rent! If you’d rather not stress about completing these tasks, let Exceptional Stays take care of your home. We maintain our own Telluride house rentals, so you’ll never have to stress about servicing appliances and the like—we’ve got you covered!