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28 Jan 2020

As a vacation rental owner, you may have trouble keeping on top of industry trends and developments. You’re busy helping guests have the best experience possible, cleaning up after they leave, and marketing your property to get a booked calendar. All those things are necessary, but staying relevant and knowledgeable about the industry is something you should try to implement into your daily schedule as well. One of the best ways to keep on top of those trends is by joining groups with like-minded professionals. We listed some of the best online groups for vacation rental professionals to help you on your way to a deeper insight to the vacation rental home world!

LinkedIn’s Groups

Vacation Rental Professionals

Probably one of the top vacation rental forums for professionals, this LinkedIn group was created by Eric Mason. It bursts with an incomparable amount of resources—from general vacation rental information to helpful peer-to-peer support. The group includes newbies to the industry and long-term professionals that all help each other figure it out.

What You’ll Get From Joining: marketing tips, information on new tech and tools, industry news, and important stats and trends.

Vacation Rental News and Information

Another great group on LinkedIn, this one consistently updates the page with topics on professional growth, new vacation rental laws, or upcoming events in various areas. Over 3,000 members participate in the group, so you’ll gain a wide and diverse range of insight when you join.

What You’ll Get From Joining: opinions on controversial topics, trending news stories, and vacation rental management best practices.Property manager meeting with vacation rental clients

Vacation Rental Managers Association

This is definitely a group you want to join. It’s the official group of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA). As the professional trade association of the industry, this group provides a great platform for people to learn more and expand their business. It’s a wonderful forum for those who want to discuss trending topics and share expertise.

What You’ll Get From Joining: online networking opportunities, advice-seeking chances, and participation in ongoing conversations about the ever-evolving industry.

Facebook’s Groups

Vacation Rental World Summit

If you think you’re up for it, see if you can attend the Vacation Rental World Summit. It’s an independent vacation rental conference that offers great opportunities for those looking to expand their business and learn more from some of the top professionals. For 2020, the summit will take place in Annecy, France. If you sign up for the summit, and even if you don’t, the group is open for additional learning and conversation.

What You’ll Get From Joining: give and receive feedback, support fellow industry members, and discover latest vacation rental data.Man reviewing vacation rental stats

Tech 4 Rentals

This group gives you all the information you need on everything tech related. For those who like to discuss new advancements or feel like updating their property, this group gives you the means to discover new tools for your tech needs. If your property needs an update, this is the place to understand what needs enhancing.

What You’ll Get From Joining: information on property management software, updates on guest experience tools, and upgrades from leading experts in the field.

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