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28 Jul 2016

Stunning Punta Mita, Mexico, has become one of the most popular tropical destinations for people from all around this wide world, and those who want an absolutely perfect experience won't settle for anything less. Large and small vacationing families and couples looking for an escape on the beach first began to visit Punta Mita for its incredible year-round wonderful temperatures in both the air and the water. After that, it didn't take the world long to discover that Punta Mita also offered an amazing selection of spectacular water and land activities, decadent dining options and vacation homes that offered a full staff to ensure that you were treated like royalty during your stay. While there are many exceptional options available when it comes to luxury vacation homes here in Punta Mita, it's Villa Pacifica that you'll want to choose for a special stay that is just right for a group of up to 10 individuals.

Enjoy a Truly Luxurious Experience at Villa Pacifica

While you may very well choose to bring your entire family for a stay in this stunning vacation home, there are also many special occasions and events that can only be made better when you choose to stay in Villa Pacifica. These are just a few ideas that you might like to consider.

A Paradise for Your Wedding Party

Those who have planned a small destination wedding in the area will find that Villa Pacifica provides the perfect accommodations for your special guests. Even if your wedding is larger, this home would offer a wonderful experience for the bridal party. Just imagine enjoying your bachelorette party that begins with a gourmet dinner created by your personal chef and ends with fun around your 22-foot swimming pool or down on your own stretch of white-sand beach right next to the gorgeous ocean waters. However you choose to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, you'll never have to worry about cleaning up because your two housekeepers will have it taken care of before you wake up in the morning.

The Perfect Place to Bond During Your Company Retreat

If you own a small company, then you probably already know that the right corporate retreat can help your employees learn to become better team players and greatly encourage company growth. Some time at Villa Pacifica will have every person feeling comfortable and open to their co-workers ideas and suggestions. You can have arrangements made for someone to come in to lead various group activities in the courtyard, or you may want to start the day out with yoga down at the beach. Many local activities are available that will encourage bonding, and you may consider something like a full day of group zip-lining to build trust while having fun. 

Villa Pacifica Master Bedroom View

Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

Every year that you've enjoyed a successful marriage is a reason to rejoice, and you deserve to celebrate your love in a home as beautiful as Villa Pacifica. Bring your children and grandchildren, and you can also celebrate the family that you've created together. Your personal chef will be thrilled to prepare a special anniversary dinner for you, and it can be served in the formal dining room. There's plenty of open space in the yard for young children to run and play, and the entire family may enjoy a day cruise with a chance to snorkel or some time exploring the nearby mountains.

The Ultimate Graduation Party

You've no doubt made some great friends during your college days, and your graduation is the perfect time for you and your friends to enjoy a stay at Villa Pacifica before you leave school behind and enter the world of work. Fun times await at every turn, and you can celebrate by catching the perfect waves for the wildest surfing experience ever, displaying your talents on both of the Jack Nicklaus golf courses or scuba diving among the creatures of the deep in the clear, blue waters. You'll also find plenty of nightlife offerings nearby if you want to dance until dawn, or you can plan your own party with the help of your private staff right at your own magnificent villa.

Reserve Villa Pacifica Today

Whether you're interested in reserving this excellent luxury vacation rental for any of the above occasions or have some great ideas of your own, please contact us here at Exceptional Stays. Our professional and friendly staff members will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and we'll get your preferred dates reserved for you right away. Please be sure to mention any special requests that you may have when you make your reservations so that we may prepare everything in accordance with your wishes before you arrive.