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8 Oct 2011

Part of our staff retreat in Punta Mita last week involved some surfing lessons with the guys from Accion Tropicale in El Anclote. I can safely say this was the most "spoilt surfing" experience I have ever had. We were staying at Villa Pacifica, a private beachfront villa in the Ranchos Estates. Fox & Ivan, our trusty surf guides arrived in their boat with surfboards for everyone, right out the front of our villa. We swam out to the boat (nothing too challenging, maybe 15 yards), climbed aboard the boat, and we were whisked away to the best surfing spot about half a mile down the beach.

Panga Boat in Punta MitaFox & Ivan from Accion Tropicale, Punta Mita, arrive in their boat to collect us for our surfing lesson!

I hadn't surfed in about 2 years, and my surfing ability is anything but advanced. I would say "advanced beginner" was my previous status. I could stand up on the board and move forward for a few seconds. However, I would inevitably lose the wave and come to a stand still. However, after about an hour, Fox & Ivan had me moving along the waves, using my board to speed up and slow down where necessary.

Surfers waiting for wavesHangin' ten in between sets, Punta Mita.

The waves were absolutely perfect for us, and Fox and Ivan had us catching wave after wave in no time.

surfing on a right in punta mitaFrom advanced beginner to beginner intermediate, voila!

Waves in Punta MitaSet after set of perfect waves rolled in to the Punta Mita shore and barely a sole to share the waves with!

After about 3 hours, we jumped back in the boat and motored back to Villa Pacifica, completely and happily exhausted. We felt very lucky to have such a beautiful morning of surfing with some great surfing teachers. Our Punta Mita surfing experience with the guys from Accion Tropicale was fantastic. For those of you who aren't such big golfers, then a surfing expedition with Fox & Ivan is a must for your Punta Mita vacation. Accion Tropicale is located on the main boulevard of El Anclote. Here are the details:


Av. Anclote # 16, Punta de Mita, Mexico 329 291 6633 Happy surfing from the team at Punta Mita Luxury Rentals!!