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13 Jul 2015

Punta Mita is, first and foremost a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you love swimming, surfing, kayaking, SUP-ping, boogie boarding, fishing or just sunning yourself and sipping cocktails as the sun sets over the Pacific, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the beach during your vacation. However, one of the many wonderful things about Punta Mita is that there is so much more on offer than initially meets the eye. If you are eager to venture into the mountains behind Punta Mita, you are sure to discover a vast treasure trove of outdoor adventure, ecological wonder, rich history and cultural delights. There is a selection of experienced adventure companies and local guides who can facilitate your excursion away from the familiar surrounds of Punta Mita. Punta Mita Adventures has built an Outdoor Adventure Circuit in the jungle, which they use as a base for various offerings including their zip lining, rappelling, 4x4 adventures, ATV tours & mule rides. You can also recruit the services of a local guide to take you into the jungle for hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding. Fascinating local history and culture can also be appreciated with a tour to one of the smaller nearby villages that include native Huichol settlements and colonial Spanish villages. If you are looking to spend a day away from the beach, there is plenty to enjoy during your Punta Mita vacation! Here, we will explore some of the options in more detail...


The natural geography of the Riviera Nayarit is a hiker’s dream. The jungle surrounding Punta Mita includes majestic mountains, mystical gulches and meandering rivers that provide an endless array of options for wandering souls. Trails are poorly marked so going it alone is not recommended if you are not familiar with the area. Enlist the services of a local guide and amble along a trail leading into a remote rain forest, or trek into a gulch full of ancient pictographs. You can also hike along the ridge of Monkey Mountain, or take a vehicle free trip to Playa Litibu.

Horeseback Adventures and Mule Rides

Mule Riding in MexicoCharros, or cowboys, have been riding along the Riviera Nayarit’s hillsides, valleys, beaches and rain forests for hundreds of years. Equestrian enthusiasts will relish the diverse horse riding opportunities of the area. There are several daily tours available, offering a selection of horseback riding adventures suitable for all levels. Take a guided horseback tour with knowledgeable local experts who are not only familiar with the terrain, but can also share their knowledge about the ecological environment and the diverse history of the region. Ride along the beach at sunset, or experience the jungle of the Sierra Madre Mountains including waterfalls, rivers and mountain top majesty. There is an equestrian center, located between Punta Mita and Sayulita, close to Libitu Beach. Additionally, the La Patrona Polo Club in nearby San Pancho hosts weekly polo matches, tournaments and lessons for riding enthusiasts. There is also a polo school for beginners! Punta Mita Adventures also offer guided mule rides for those seeking a more off beat experience.

ATV Rides

Off Road Tours Punta MitaAn adrenaline filled ATV (all terrain vehicle) ride along the beach, or through the jungle is the perfect way to spend an action packed day during your Punta Mita vacation. The region, set at the base of the dramatic Sierra Madre Mountains, offers over 200 miles of varied terrain including tropical rain forests, natural streams, creeks, plantations and authentic Mexican villages. Thrill seekers can explore the countryside and soak up the fresh air, gorgeous rural vistas and the colorful local scene. Participants must be at least 16 years of age.  Punta Mita Adventures offers a specially designed off road course, allowing you to test your off road driving skills to the limit!

4x4 Adventure

Companies such as Punta Mita Adventures will take you on an exhilarating 4x4 off road expedition into the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Transported by Mercedes Benz Unimogs, these action packed adventures transport you to 2,000 feet above sea level to their base camp in the mountains.

Mountain Bike MexicoMountain Biking

Mountain biking around Punta Mita gives adventurous types the chance to experience the natural wonders of the jungle, as well as access to remote beaches and coastal locales that can’t be accessed with motorized vehicles. There are guided mountain bike tours that range from the novice to experienced single track riders. WildMex Surf & Adventures offers trips that include well maintained, quality bikes, clipless pedals, helmets and knowledgeable, bilingual guides.

Jungle Zip Lining, Rappels & Climbs

Zip Line Latin AmericaFancy a flight through the stunning treetop canopy of the Sierra Madre jungle? If this sounds like your kind of thrill, then an extreme zip line adventure is the activity for you! Punta Mita Adventures ‘Zip It!’ tour whisks you away to a protected tropical forest just outside of Puerto Vallarta. A series of thrilling zip lines weave through the jungle ceiling. The lines  include Mexico's longest and fastest zip line which is over 1,200 meters ( that’s nearly 4,000 feet!) in length, and reaches speeds of up to 100 kph (or 60 mph)! If you seek more than just zip lines you can also challenge yourself to two amazing rappels off of elevated treetop platforms, a wobbly climb up the 15-meter (50 foot) high Crazy Ladder, fun ride on the Tarzan Swings, plus suspended walkways and hanging bridges.

Native & Colonial Tours

This area of Mexico abounds with rich history, and reflects thousands of years of occupation by native tribes, and their subsequent struggles with colonial Spanish settlers who arrived in the 1500’s. A hike up Careyos Mountain will take you to the ancient Aztatlán ruins of celestial observatories that date back nearly 2000 years. Roam the ruins which include an observatory, a priest’s residence, and a ceremonial platform. For those seeking an appreciation of authentic Huichol Indian culture, there is a remote Huichol village located in the mountains behind Punta Mita. A day tour will guide you through this incredible community who remain unspoiled by modern civilization. Colonial settlements close to Punta Mita include the historic and remote San Sebastian del Oeste, the charming, peaceful fishing village San Blas, and the bustling city of Puerto Vallarta where you can experience a taste of local heritage at traditional bullfights, rodeos, fireworks, Mariachi concerts, and annual holiday events. Each of these colonial settlements prominently feature elements of Spanish influence including forts, churches and mining ruins. If you are looking to spend for a day away from the water during your Punta Mita vacation, ask our concierge about any of the activities above. At Exceptional Stays we would be happy to help you find not only the ultimate Punta Mita villa to rent for your vacation, but we can also assist in planning the most unforgettable itinerary for your family and friends.